Info contained on this page, does not directly fit into any other category on the website. It is information either not related directly to Houston and the Metro Area, or information not directly related to retail. Often when researching I find small tidbits of info which hopefully someone will of interest.


Whataburger California Locations:

155 South Oxnard Boulevard Oxnard, CA (Still resembles a Whataburger in Design, Menu and Name!)
400 Thousand Oaks Boulevard Thousand Oaks, CA (Building still exists)
2250 East Main Street Ventura, CA (Converted to Taco Bell)
1579 East Los Angeles Avenue. Simi Valley, CA (Converted to Jack in the Box)
790 North Ventura Road. Port Hueneme, CA (Converted to Taco Bell and torn down ~2014)
7257 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Canoga Park, CA (Independent Indian Restaurant)

-Whataburger had a presence in Southern California from the Mid 70’s (~1975) until 1987. All the locations were franchised, although it’s unclear it may have been a single franchisee who ran the locations. a 7th location was planned for Camarillo, CA. However I have been unable to find an address for it.