Riverpark Shopping Center Sugar Land

Riverpark Shopping Center Sugar Land

I recently came across a few pictures of the Riverpark shopping center from the year it opened. For the most part it looks the same, the biggest exception would be the closing of Gander Mountain. Not represented are some smaller closings such as Joe’s Crab Shack and Chili’s. Enjoy the pictures!

The main anchor of the center to this day is still H-E-B


Gander Mountain closed in the summer of 2017. The building  was used as a Spirit Halloween location. It may reopen under Camping World’s new brand Gander Outdoors.



Whataburger is still as popular as ever, however the smaller strip center to the left has had a major change in tennants including the obvious level as of Blockbuster Video.


Walgreens has been spruced up a bit on the outside but remains pretty much the same overall.


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