A look into Houston's retail past

Phillip’s 66 Cornerstore

Cornerstore was originally founded as a Subsidiary of Valero Corporately owned gas stations, as a brand to operate their C-Stores under. Eventually Cornerstore would be spun out on their own, and later purchased by Circle-K. Due to the long history CST had with Valero, most stations sold Valero fuel. However, a select few did not.

This was one such example, a Phillip’s 66 Corner Store. Which is located and still operating as of 2018 in Tomball, TX

The store features a mid to large size Corner Store layout. It is very modern, and fits well with the updated Phillip’s 66 branding that adorns the pumps.

This location opened in 2015, it’s not clear yet what will happen to the branding in this situation.


Photo Sources:


Corner Store Opens First Location Selling Phillips 66 Fuel

CST Brands Has New Branding Agreement With Phillips 66

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  1. Corner Store was actually a Diamond Shamrock brand. Years ago, Stop N Go was a big convenience store in Houston, having actually bought out all the Circle K stores and 7-Eleven stores in the area by the early 1990s. In the mid-1990s, to avoid getting bought by Circle K, Stop N Go (National Convenience Stores) merged with Diamond Shamrock, which had their own generic food store brand, Corner Store. DS eventually closed most of the stand-alone Stop N Go stores, but eventually was bought by Valero, which not only eliminated the popular Diamond Shamrock name but also brought the convenience stores all under the Corner Store name (the Stop N Go name disappeared as Diamond Shamrock/Stop N Go became Valero/Corner Store), which Valero began to cultivate an identity of, ultimately spinning them off as CST Brands. Meanwhile, the Circle K was owned by Canadian convenience store giant Alimentation Couche-Tard, which bought CST Brands to expand the Circle K name. The end result was that not only was Circle K will be returning to Houston (a few stores were built as Circle K in the mid-2010s but not many) but also a few stores that were Circle K originally will be Circle K once more.

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