A convenience store by any other name…

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As any good Texan knows, there’s an unavoidable rodent population issue in our great state. The issue with these Castor canadensis initially sprung up around Lake Jackson where the creatures were first spotted in small herds during the 1980s. The outbreak was contained to this area until the early 2000s. One managed to make its way up near Luluing. It took up residence right off of I-10 and confronted travelers. Somehow this crafty animal managed to lure drivers into stopping midway between Houston and San Antonio. Maybe it was the huge selection of jerky, the sparkling clean restrooms, or the restriction of no tractor trailers, which drew the drivers in. So I thought it was about time we covered the convenience store chain which has had a bigger impact in recent years than any other!

That’s right, today we’re talking about Bucky’s…?

Bucky’s Convenience Stores like it’s homophonous cousin has it roots in the early 1980s. Unlike Bucc-ee’s the new transplant to Houston hails from Omaha, Nebraska. At present there are two Houston based locations out of about 90 total. We’re taking a look at the 3535 S Texas 6, Houston, TX 77082 location.

I stopped here to get gas, with no real idea of what to expect. While pumping gas, I noticed that rather than a cartoon beaver the used a photo of a dog named Bucky. Notice also that the car wash selections do not include a vacuum token.

The dog seemed to be on almost every piece of promotional material. From the outside, Bucky’s doesn’t particularly resemble any other convenience store. The building appears to be slightly smaller than the regional Bucc-ee’s like those in the Sugar Land, and Waller areas.

Walking inside you’re greeted by the checkout counter, which was continuously staffed meaning I couldn’t easily get pictures of it. This section of the store makes made to order pizzas, which it promises cooked in 5 Minutes.

For those in a time crunch Bucky’s offers warm soft pretzels, and pizza slices. I’m a sucker for soft pretzels, and ended up trying one. They weren’t exceedingly fresh, but definitely not solid yet.

Bucky’s had a larger selection of sodas, and drinks on sale than most normal convenience stores. I would say they were about on par with the selection Bucc-ee’s has.

The selection of products includes an end cap’s worth of Oma’s Choice products. Including much more variety than I had seen with this brand in the past.

Bucky’s uses two huge wings off to the edges of the building to hold their drink stations. This side included, ICEEs, Milkshakes, and “Smoothies”. There is a counter top for putting lids on your drink, or toppings on your milkshake. This also provided some counter space to sell snacks.

This is the drink station on the other side of the store. It has soda, iced tea, and coffee. I was unable to get a picture of the coffee and ice tea station, as it was the only part of the store that was busy. It wass somewhat less impressive than Bucc-ee’s.

Moving back outside, there is some limited picnic style seating in front of the store. Not much, but more than what Bucc-ee’s tends to have.

Going through the car wash, meant being forced to do some reflection. Unlike Buc-Ee’s the car wash is fully automated. No one to guide you in.

Reflecting on the experience of the store, I feel that it’s not really fair to directly compare Buc-ee’s and Bucky’s. The lack of any real fresh food options, outside of Pizza, limits the appeal of Bucky’s. The larger selections, and drink stations help to set it apart for your local Corner Store (Or is it a Circle K by now?), but people likely aren’t planning their commutes around Bucky’s.


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5 comments on “A convenience store by any other name…
  1. Aaron J says:

    Beavers aren’t rodents. 😛

  2. How long before a Bucky’s opens up across the street from a Bucc-ee’s and/or a Stuckey’s?

  3. GoogleMap Guy says:

    ROFL! you’ve got me! I was reading to find out about the rodent growth! The more i read the more i realized we’re talking about Buckey’s lol! Loved the article!

  4. Susan says:

    I was reading to find out about rodent growth!

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