This Week in Demolition: 3015 ½ Inwood, the French Quarter garage apartment in River Oaks

This Week in Demolition we have a much shorter list than we’ve seen in the past few weeks, with only a couple of non-residential demolitions. Starting off this week we have a garage apartment from a house that you’re almost sure to recognize if you’ve ever driven through River Oaks. Located in the rear of the neighborhood 3015 Inwood is one of the original homes in the area. Construction was started in 1935 under the direction of notable regional architect John F. Staub. The house is colloquially known as the “New Orleans” house. A designation it seems to have gained from realtors who were officially using the term to list the home by the 1980s. The original structure was described as a two-story nine room brick veneer home, it was built for Robert Bowles and his name is used as the official historic designation for the residence. The house did not originally have its “New Orleans style” cast iron balcony as the second story was not added until 1952. By this point the home had been sold to Patrick Rutherford, a rather wealthy oilman. Mr. Rutherford would live here until 1990 and oversaw most of the expansion, updates and renovations to the house which also included the addition of the garage apartment in the 1960s. All outbuildings stylistically match the main house both inside and out. With the fact that Staub was brought in by Rutherford to oversee the second story in the 50s it’s not unrealistic Staub helped with the garage, and pool cabana which were all added around the same time. Historically speaking this is a small loss, but it was an interesting dive into the history of a house I recognized as soon as I pulled the address.

Other interesting properties this week include, 3002 Locke Lane, a 1940s Colonial Craftsman style two-story home in Avalon Place. 5806 Par 4 Drive, a house that seems to have been flooded prior to 2018 remodeled, and then flooded again by Harvey on the market, and finally 2418 Albans Road, another garage only demolition but some great photos of the main property which is a 30s or possibly 40s two story brick structure. It’s in great shape and includes lots of originals like the pedestal sink! Hey I know it wasn’t great this week, but what do you expect for free… rubber biscuit? P.S. Even if you don’t normally check out our retail offers keep an eye out for this week’s upcoming blog post which is Part 2 of Anonymous in Houston’s trip through the Portal to Texas History! Also, if you do read the retail stuff, good on ya for reading the demo posts too, enjoy your Easter egg!

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Residential Demolitions
3015 Inwood Dr, Houston, TX 77019– River Oaks, John Staub 1937 New Orleans Style House, Garage Only, Photos
3002 Locke Ln, Houston, TX 77019– Avalon Place, 1940s Colonial Craftsman, Photos
2418 Albans Rd, Houston, TX 77005– Museum District, Garage Only, Photos
2107 Bartlett St, Houston, TX 77098– Chevy Chase, Mentioned in the February 6th TWID, Photos
3771 Syracuse St, Houston, TX 77005– Sunset Terrace, Large corner lot along Bissonnet, Photos
5806 Par 4 Dr, Houston, TX 77088– Inwood Forest, Remodeled after earlier flooding, but photos from prior to Harvey so likely flooded again, Photos
4119 Drummond St, Houston, TX 77025– Ayrshire, 1950s Ranch, FEMA Lot (does this mean they were a FEMA buyout?), Photos
6617 Avenue C, Houston, TX 77011– Central Park, Photos
3602 Oak Forest Dr, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest, Sold for lot only, Photos
4115 Drummond St, Houston, TX 77025– Ayrshire, Sold as-is, Photos
615 E 12th 1/2 St, Houston, TX 77008– Heights, Photos
3521 Tartan Ln, Houston, TX 77025– Emerald Forest, Flooded and condemned, Photos
2333 Hoskins Dr, Houston, TX 77080– Neuen Manor, Photos
3825 S Braeswood Blvd, Houston, TX 77025– Linkwood, Flooded and abandoned, Photos
1217 Omar St, Houston, TX 77008– Heights, New construction by Aspen Homes, Listing
3705 Bruce St, Houston, TX 77009– Greater Heights, Photos
5206 Braesvalley Dr, Houston, TX 77096– Meyerland Corner Lot, Photos
3007 Hazel Park Dr, Houston, TX 77082– Parkhollow Place, Photos
1721 Viking Dr, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest, Photos
6254 Meadow Lake Ln, Houston, TX 77057– Oak Forest, New home by Laird Investments, Original photos replaced by renders, Listing
703 N Milby St, Houston, TX 77003– Merkels, Photos
1913 Hoskins Dr, Houston, TX 77080– Neuns, Home also site of business “Free Air Corp”, Photos
5633 Fairdale Ln, Houston, TX 77057– Westheimer Gardens
1530 Pleasantville Dr, Houston, TX 77029– Pleasentville
4219 Hartsville Rd, Houston, TX 77047– South Acres Estates
1807 Ryon St, Houston, TX 77009– Ryon
1115 Wakefield Dr, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest
10806 Riverview Dr, Houston, TX 77042– Riverside
7818 St Louis St, Houston, TX 77028– Liberty Road Manor
1248 Richelieu Ln, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest
32 W Broad Oaks Dr, Houston, TX 770560– Broad Oak Place
5814 Wipprecht St, Houston, TX 77026– Kashmere Gardens

Non-Residential Demolitions
1314 Allen Genoa Rd, Houston, TX 77017– Allen Genoa Game Room, Listing
1433 Dian St, Houston, TX 77008– Former Bell/AT&T Service center, Categorized as residential demo, so residential redevelopment likely Listing