Retail News: Tim Horton’s Expansion Plans go beyond Katy

The Clay Road location in Katy was the first Timmies to break ground in Texas, and will likely be open by the end of summer.

Tim Horton’s is on the brink of arriving in Houston. The Canadian Coffee and Donut Shop marks one of many chain doughnut shops trying their hand in Houston at the present time. Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme still fall second in terms of notoriety to local chain Shipley’s. At this point, Timmy’s has filed permits for three locations in Texas, all located within the Houston area. These stores represent the chain’s furthest Southern stores, outside of a failed attempt at expanding to Flordia in the 1980s. According to an interview with the Houston Chronicle, the new stores are coming to town via a longstanding partnership with a Houston-based Popeyes franchisee.

The Hayes Road Location is in a bit of an odd spot.

These locations will also be somewhat modified to better fit our market. Slimming down the dining room, and menu to better pair them against Starbucks. While the exact menu has not been announced the Chronicle mentioned that it would be mostly based around baked goods and breakfast sandwiches. A similarly timed expansion is taking place in Atlanta, netting their metro area a total of 15 stores (in addition to Shipley’s and Whataburger!). If all goes well, the Houston area could expect a similar store count within the next few years. In an interesting twist, Tim Hortons is also not the only foreign fast-food bakery expanding in Houston. Red Ribbon Bakeshop, owned by Filipino Fast Food Corp, Jolibee recently opened a location in a former Dunkin’ Donuts at 13421 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77082, near the new Jollibee location. While the two aren’t directly comparable, it will be interesting to see how market adaptations affect two concepts from completely different backgrounds.


  1. As a Canadian living in Texas (DFW), I’m pumped! Starbucks just isn’t good coffee IMO and Dunkin is just dirty water. Never had Shipleys so can’t say anything, but nonetheless, can’t wait to sip on a medium double double and enjoy some timbits. Can’t wait for the expansion into DFW.

  2. As someone quite familiar with Canada’s fast food options, I must say that Tim Hortons would not be first on my list of places to bring down to Houston. That would have to go to A&W. The Canadian A&W is not the same as the US A&W. The Canadian A&W is quite good and very popular in Canada. As for Tim Hortons itself, it’s hard for me to say if they’ll do well down here. I think they’ll have a hard time topping the familiar names of Starbucks, Shipley, and McDonald’s, but some of those places are so swamped in the mornings that perhaps a ‘reliever’ restaurant will be welcomed by some breakfast/coffee fans.


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