Month: July 2022

Vintage Ads: Finding Bargains at North Oaks Mall and Elsewhere in 1989

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is a guest submission from HHR’s good friend Anonymous in Houston Longtime readers here at Houston Historic Retail might remember our Vintage Ads series of posts. It’s been a while since we’ve posted a new Vintage Ads post so it seems like a good time to make a new installment in the series. This installment of the series will look at retail ads from the August 16, 1989 issue of the Houston Chronicle. The thumbnail images included in the post might be too small to read, but simply click on the links below the images to …

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Now & Taking Forever, who’s behind the new Walgreen’s Gas Station on Highway 6?

A gas pump in front of a Walgreens.. huh

Update 7/17/22: Over 2 weeks later, I realized that a draft version of this was published, well the full thing is here now! Anyone whose driven near West Oaks Mall recently has probably seen the work being done to a former Walgreens building at the corner of Westheimer and Highway 6. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you may have seen the building before. We checked it out in 2019 as a Spirit Halloween, and more recently when the pumps were installed last year. If you don’t know Now & Forever they about 10 stores throughout the …

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Tennis Express to move from old Westheimer Handy Dan to Combo Office-Warehosue

Tennis Express, Houston’s largest Tennis Specialty Store is soon to be on the move, although it won’t be relocating far from its current Westchase digs. The new facility is located a former C&J Energy Services Building. The new salesfloor will take over the former offices on the first floor, with second-story office space going untouched. The sales floor will likely be slightly smaller than their Westheimer location, with the biggest upgrade going to Tennis Express’ warehouse. In the past few years, the company has secured itself as a leading online retailer of Tennis supplies and gear. In 2021 Tennis Express …

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Finally Checking Out Game Over’s new Summit Square digs

Howdy folks, and welcome to Houston Historic Retail! Game Over Videogames is a place you need to know about if you read this blog. Before we talk about the move, let’s talk about Game Over. As chances are if you’re into retro retail you’re into retro things in general, and Game Over provides my favorite retro game buying experience in Houston. That’s not to say they’re the most exclusive retro buying experience, but their combination of new and old stock, along with rare equipment, and other unusual finds leads to a great shopping or at least browsing experience. Game Over …

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