Retail News: Kitchen United Mix closes their Houston Kroger outpost

After about a year and a half of operation, the ghost kitchen inside the N Shepherd & 11th Kroger has called it quits. Kitchen United Mix first announced a partnership with Kroger in 2021, with a location opening in a Los Angeles Ralph’s in early 2022. The Houston location was the first of two in Texas and the first specifically in a Kroger; the second in the state would be in Dallas. Upon opening in February 2022, Kitchen United Mix offered 15 restaurants out of this one location. The options were a mix of local selections (Burn’s BBQ, The Rustic), a few national chains (Fuddruckers, Bucca di Beppo), and lots of Ghost Kitchen exclusives (Mr. Beast Burger, Wing Zone). I visited the location once to sample the Fuddruckers shortly after opening. I visited the Kitchen United Mix last weekend to try its newest addition, Frenchy’s, only to be informed that the outpost had permanently closed at the end of October. The Kroger employee I spoke with was unsure why they had closed but was sure they wouldn’t be coming back. During my return visit, I noticed that the branding still featured restaurants that had long been pulled from the Kitchen United Mix lineup. According to the website, Bucca di Beppo is the only remaining original option. In addition to Frenchy’s other selections are Kabob Korner and Soul Good Vegan, both of which are local. It appears that the Dallas and Los Angeles Kitchen United Mix locations are currently in operation. It is unclear what will become of the space in the N Sheperd Kroger, but it’s unlikely the bar, which stood there prior, will return.


  1. Will you guys feature this particular location in the “Year of Kroger”? As I understand it, this location started out as a Henke Pillot grocery store, and is in the original location in the shopping center. Mostly I just wanted to say that I love reading you guys blog posts.

    1. Thanks for the compliment! We only have one more post left in The Year of Kroger series. The remaining Kroger will be a location with extensive Henke & Pillot history (and then some), but it will not be this particular Kroger. That said, the history of this N. Shepherd Kroger could be the subject of a regular HHR post down the road.

      Yes, Henke & Pillot did open a location, Henke & Pillot #12, here in 1955 so Kroger does have deep roots in this particular spot.

      1. Kitchen United was a great company that placed the wrong people in charge. I was an employee weeks before the shutdown. The company offered so much greatness yet no one could benefit due to power control and unprofessional opinions of others. I left feeling totally disrespected and discriminated against due to my strong personality and my knowing that my customers are always right and that sanitation, time management, food safety and the importance of proper measurements are a must in the food industry. I loved my job yet the people did everything to terminate me. A week later, oneday after hr contacted me again, Kitchen United Permanently Closed 🤦🏾‍♀️
        It’s sad because the choice of management was definitely the issue. The head people should watch cameras as I’ve advised before. It starts with management

  2. Actually if you look at all the mix food halls around the country, a lot of them have shut down within the last week. All the midwest sites are down, with no employees