Retail News: Another Fudds bites the dust!

Another Fuddruckers “corporate-owned” location in the Houston area has shut down in the past couple of weeks. The location at 11445 Fountain Lake Dr, Stafford, TX 77477, was shut down just prior to a lockout by the landlord for missing multiple months’ rent, according to a sign posted on the door. While a handwritten sign from the Fudds crew indicated this was a temporary closure, the sad wording makes it seem like this may not be the case. This restaurant joins a long list of locations that were previously operating under Luby’s but have closed since finding new corporate ownership. Other well-known Fudds to close include the Greenway Plaza location and 290 and Antoine. Both of these locations initially used a similar “temporary closure” method to mask what has been a permanent shutdown. The Fudds properties that have since closed are mostly beleaguered, and those still operating have serious issues with consistency and product supply. While I sincerely hope the best for Fudds, seeing other options beyond the end of the chain is getting harder. It is worth mentioning that the Town & Country Fuddruckers at 10500 Town and Country Way, Houston, TX 77024, is not experiencing any of the issues its corporate-owned cousins are, as Pappas franchises it.

One comment

  1. Sad to see another Fudds gone. But unfortunately in this case, I’m glad this one is. Stafford Fudds was the worst experience I’ve ever had.

    Hopefully Pappas buys out the whole franchise. Town and Country Fudds is absolutely amazing.