AppleTree Markets

AppleTree Markets starts with a story of failure. Not so much the failure of AppleTree themselves but, with the failure of the Texas Division of Safeway. Originally entering the Texas market by acquiring stores in the 1920s, the base of operations would be split between Dallas and El Paso. Throughout the 1960s Safeway undertook an expansion campaign on a massive scale. Opening international branches in places like the UK and Australia, and expanding their domestic divisions. In Texas this meant expanding into new cities, starting with the Austin area. These stores would actually make up the oldest stores in the Houston Division of Safeway.

The expansion would continue with stores opening in small towns around the Houston area, finally reaching the city limits in 1970. The Texas Unit received the axe in 1987 with Dallas and El Paso divisions being sold that year. Houston was allowed to stay open another and would organize a management-led buyout of their division.

With knowledge of the impending closure financing was sought from outside sources. With the nature of the deal, financing terms were mostly working against AppleTree. Big plans were being made for the company, such as switching over branding on in-house items. However, company officials had another problem what would they call their new company? Ideas floated included Texway, and (the offputting) Gnatt Stores.

Last from 1979-2003 as a grocery store, this former AppleTree has found a new use as an industrial building. Most exterior features are still intact. W. Little York at N. Houston Rosslyn


While funding was secured, and the spin off did occur, AppleTree faced multiple problems from the start. The biggest would be that they were basically a chunk of national grocery store, with the money, resources, and man power of a regional chain. Items like the Safeway’s Distribution Center, were slated to remain open and operational under the new ownership. A quick exchange of corporate leaders would also point to a salary reduction.

This location at Westheimer and Weslayan lasted as an AppleTree until 1994, prior to being sold to Rice.

As memories of Safeway faded, AppleTree took a backseat in Houston’s retail game. As part of their acquisition AppleTree was only required to purchase 8 locations. The rest were to be leased from Safeway, and during the acquisition could continue to operate as such. This lease agreement presented an issue in disallowing underperforming stores to be closed immediately.

9325 Katy Fwy Houston, TX 77024Sold to Kroger, still operating
13642 TX-249 Houston, TX 77086Sold to Kroger, now Family Thrift. Originaly W. Montgomery
1990 Old Spanish Trail Houston, TX 77054Sold to Kroger, closed in 2017 later demoed
2300 S Gessner Rd Houston, TX 77063First store to convert to AppleTree. Sold to Kroger, still operating
239 W 20th St Houston, TX 77008Sold to Kroger, Still operating
2409 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, TX 77058Sold to Kroger, now subdivided between Goodwill and a Gym
1100 W Dallas St Conroe, TX 77301Sold to Kroger, now Palais Royal
14900 Northwest Fwy Houston, TX 77040Sold to Kroger, now K1 Speed Indoor Go-Karts
7068 FM 1960 Humble, TX 77346Sold to Kroger, now 24 Hour Fitness
1938 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019Sold to Kroger, still operating
1352 W 43rd St Houston, TX 77018Sold to Kroger, still operating rebuilt at some point
13811 Cypress North Houston Rd, Cypress, TX 77429Sold to Gerland’s, now Food Town
10902 Scarsdale Blvd Houston, TX 77089Sold to Gerland’s, now Food Town
9701 Spencer Hwy La Porte, TX 77571Sold to Gerland’s, now Food Town
1049 Eldridge Rd, Sugar Land, TX 77478Sold to Gerland’s, now Church Originally 1109
7601 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77063Sold to Gerland’s, now Ross
8710 Bellaire Blvd Houston, TX 77036Sold to Fiesta, still operating
3803 Dunlavy St Houston, TX 77006Sold to Fiesta, now demolished
7510 W Bellfort Blvd Houston, TX 77096Sold to Fiesta, still operating
7061 Lawndale St Houston, TX 77023Sold to Fiesta, now subdivided 99 Cent Only Store and La Michocana
3745 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77027Sold to Rice, now a Walgreens
2617 W Holcombe Blvd Houston, TX 77025Sold to Rice, now Total Wine & More
2020 Fountain View Dr Houston, TX 77057Sold to Rice, still operating
21155 Tomball Pkwy Houston, TX 77070Sold to Randall’s, now a Stein Mart
1805 Ella Blvd Houston, TX 77008Sold to Cox’s Foodarama, still operating
4614 NASA Road 1 Seabrook, TX 77586Sold to Big Chief Supermarkets, now Arlan's Market
165 Oyster Creek Dr Lake Jackson, TX 77566Sold to Stanley Stores, now Arlan's Market
4100 Fairmont Pkwy, Pasadena, TX 77504Sold to Super Warehouse Foods, now 99 Cents Only Store
9371 Richmond Ave Houston, TX 77063Closed after 1996, Became World Food, now Ayva Event Center
2601 11th St, Huntsville, TX 77340Huntsville now a Brookshire Bros.
2028 N Main St Pearland, TX 77581Pearland No subdivided between Office Depot, and Big Lots
8620 Stella Link Rd Houston, TX 77025The final location in Houston
9510 N Houston Rosslyn Rd Houston, TX 77088Sold to Gerland's 1992 Now an industrial building
5 Uvalde Rd Houston, TX 77015Sold to Gerland's 1992 Now a Food Town
11006 Airline Dr Houston, TX 77037Sold to Fiesta 1992 Still Operating

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