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Souper Salad was established in Houston in 1978. At the time Souper Salad was somewhat of an oddity. Stand alone salad bars were not common. Generally you’d find Salad Bars in a place like Steak and Ale, where it was considered to be more of a treat in addition to your meal. The first two locations were praised at having over 50 separate items on their salad bar. As a chain Souper Salad would experience their greatest success during the late 90s and early 2000s growing to over 150 locations across the Southwestern

A photo of the first location with manager Robery Mathis in 1983. Photo Source: The Bellaire Texan

U.S. With over 15 locations in the Houston area alone. The chain had a reputation as a healthy family friendly option. Featuring an all you can eat salad bar, and hot items like DIY tacos and baked potatoes. As health food standards have changed the available fare at Souper Salad became less desirable, eventually forcing most locations to close. There are no longer any Souper Salad locations in Houston proper. The nearest two are in Humble and Pasadena.

An advertisement showing locations, hours, and the original name of “Souper Salads”. Source: The Bellaire Texan

Current Tenant
7135 Southwest Fwy Houston, TX 77074Lifecare PharmacyFirst Location
5460 Weslayan St. Houston, TX 77005Massage HeightsSecond Location/Company Headquarters
14714 Memorial Dr Houston, TX 77079Hungry's
1574 W Gray St Houston, TX 77019Cafe Ginger
20220 Katy Fwy, Katy, TX 77449First Watch RestaurantClosed after 2015
2356 S Texas 6 Houston, TX 77077HobbyTown?Closed in late 2011
2414 University Blvd. Houston, TX 77005Lily RainClosed 2001
2435 Post Oak Blvd. Houston, TX 77056Container StoreOperated into the early 2000s
303 Memorial City Way, Houston, TX 77024?Inside Memorial City Mall
379 Greens Rd. Houston, TX 77060China One #4
4884 Beechnut St, Houston, TX 77096Mattress OneClosed after 2013
6516 Westheimer Rd. #10 Houston, TX 77057Brident Dental & OrthodonticsClosed after 2011
6783 Hwy 6 N Houston, TX 77084Vacant?Closed after 2010
7469 Southwest Fwy. Houston, TX 77074DemolishedLikely relocation of first store
7504 FM 1960 Houston, TX 77070The Vitamin ShoppeClosed after 2012
6 comments on “Souper Salad
  1. GoogleMap Guy says:

    My office used to go to Souper Salads every Monday. Do you remember a local restaurant called “George’s” on Washington Ave near the Heights? It was owned by an Iranian who cooked the best SOUL FOOD . We would go on “Thanksgiving-Thursdays”. it was a great little place back in early 2000s. Wish I knew what happened and when it closed.

    • Mike says:

      Hmm, I’d never heard of George’s. Although I’ll try to research it!

      • Bibulb says:

        You might want to check in with some of the Stages (and other local theater) folks from the late ’70s/early ’80s – I know some of them have slung stories about gigs at the restaurant.

    • Bibulb says:

      Hrm. The only George’s On Washington I can remember was back in the late ’70s/early 80’s, in the space that became Club Hey Hey for a time. (Across Washington and about two doors east from Rockefeller’s.) Eventually, everything in that whole line of shops got swallowed up for new construction, which has since also been razed for newer mixed-use construction.

      Now, there’s also Harry’s on Tuam at Bagby that’s done “Thanksgiving” turkey and dressing on Thursdays for decades. I used to walk past them on the way to work all the way back in 1991, and they were advertising that back then, and they’re still going strong with it now.

  2. Gerald L says:

    I like souper-salad but I never knew how broken of chain this place became. I mean, I noticed something was wrong when the incredibly popular location across the road from Irving mall shut down out of nowhere. According to it’s website there are only 18 locations remaining; which is baffling since I’ve never been to an empty souper-salad before.

    • Mike says:

      Souper Salad’s Wikipedia page would have you believe their downfall was due to the 2000s recession. Honestly it seems that the company has always suffered from mismanagement. Hopefully they don’t close up shop completely.

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