Random Retail: Scraps from Otto’s and other stories

Howdy folks, and welcome to HHR. Today it’s a Random Retail post! Random Retail posts are things that either don’t fit directly into HHR, or don’t make it into a full story. Today we’ll have some quick vignettes, but very little text. I hope you enjoy this edition of Random Retail!

Tuesday Evening

Galavanting down T.C. Jester

A stop for some sweets at CornerStore, I mean Circle K…

Stopping at Taco Cabana for a burrito

Goodbye Otto’s you’ll be missed


  1. It is great to see a surviving Fotomat hut in Northwest Houston! As for the Corner Store pies, I don’t know if Couche-Tard owns the Corner Store trademarks, but if so, it is possible that they’re using the Corner Store name in order to keep it active so that it can remain their trademark. Trademarks do expire if they are not actively used. Perhaps they are living off the increasingly distant memory of Corner Store’s reputation for baked goods as well.