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A quick check-in on the Speedway Cafe in Texas City

Howdy folks, and welcome back to Houston Historic Retail! Today we’ve got a quick post based on a user request (yes, you can make those!) We first checked out this Speedway station just about a year ago, and it was a surprising discovery for anyone familiar with the Speedway Chain. Since I’ve gained an increased following in the last year, let me quickly recap why this gas station is so unusual. Speedway is a gas station chain based out of the Midwest. Unlike the C-Stores, we’re used to in Texas, Ohio, and other Midwestern Convenience Stores tend to be a …

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Katy Supermarket how many tries does it take to get an old Randalls running again?

Easy Mart converted the store to a single entrance

Howdy folks, and welcome back to Houston Historic Retail. Today we’re taking a look at a former Randalls in Katy, now known as Katy Supermarket. Since closing in early 2017, this former Randalls has held four three different grocery concepts, with none really seeming to take off. Before we talk about what’s there now, let’s start off with some history. The Katy Randalls was one of the last locations to open and likely the last to have direct involvement from the Onstead family. The store first opened its doors on October 10, 1998. Upon opening, the store operated 24 hours …

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Retail News: Daiso will open fifth Houston store next week

The Willowbrook Daiso will be at 7740 FM 1960, Houston, TX 77070

Daiso will open its fifth Houston area store next week on March 29th. The Japanese Yen Shop is a rough equivalent of an American Dollar Store. Generally, the quality of Daiso items is higher than expected at Dollar Tree or Family Dollar. That being said, the prices reflect this, ranging from $1.75 to just over $15. This location is Daiso’s 92nd in the United States, after only arriving in the country just over 15 years ago. Daiso is planning to hold a grand opening event the following Saturday and Sunday (April 1 & 2). The first 100 customers to spend …

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GFS has opened, so what’s shopping at one like?

Howdy folks, and welcome back to Houston Historic Retail. Today, we’re checking out the shopping experience of a Gordon Food Service Store. HHR initially broke the news that GFS was planning to enter the Houston market almost one year ago. We’ve been following the development since then, finally getting official word from the company itself on their opening dates (speaking of which, if you’re a business that would like to have your story covered, reach out to HHR). After covering this story for months, it is exciting to see GFS finally arrive. Despite how you feel about the chain, it …

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Safeway’s 1980 Annual Report: Growth in Texas, New concepts elsewhere

Howdy folks, and welcome back to Houston Historic Retail. Today we’re taking a break from the norm and checking out some new photos. I was recently tipped off by a reader of an opportunity to purchase some old Safeway Annual Reports. While the reports are available online, the photos I have uploaded provide far greater detail. A few of today’s photos will come from a Texas location, 1820 N Loy Lake Rd, Sherman, TX 75090, which, while not in the Houston division, is still open to this day as a Kroger. Other photos will be of various other Safeway concepts …

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Retail News: Gordon Food Service Stores Open Tomorrow

The GFS on Mason Road in Katy

Tuesday, March 14th, will mark the first new entry of a national grocer into Houston in over ten years. The announcement from GFS confirms some of what HHR had already reported, specifically that six new Gordon Food Service Stores will open in the Houston area. The stores will open in two waves, with the North Oaks, Westheimer, Katy, and League City stores opening tomorrow. Both Antoine at Pinemont and the Braeswood Square store will open at a later yet unknown date. Gordon Food Service stores aim to attract business clients and families, serving as a meet-in-the-middle between a standard grocer …

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A History of AMC Theaters in Houston: Part 2

Fountains 18 during the Loews Days Courtesy Scott Neff

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is Part Two of a two-part guest submission from HHR’s local A/V geek, Jason McMillon The 1990s, The Digital Sound and Megaplex Era In today’s post, we’re picking up where we left off in Part 1, the 1990s. No other decade saw such a rapid expansion in the cinema industry than the 90s.  With a demand for bigger screens, more spacious stadium seating, more showtimes, more movie choices, and top-of-the-line digital sound, the industry exploded with growth. The catalyst was AMC’s big experiment in Dallas, TX: The Grand 24.  With 24 screens under one roof, AMC …

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Retail News: Houston to lose multiple Sprouts locations as part of larger cuts

Sprouts Farmers Market has announced plans to close 11 stores in the coming month in multiple states. Thanks to a tip submitted by an anonymous source to Houston Historic Retail, our market can expect to lose three locations by the start of April. Sprout’s official reasoning behind the cuts is under performance, with a focus on closing larger stores in favor of smaller locations. The three locations supposedly on the chopping block include Westheimer at Kirkwood, OST and Kirby, and Sugar Land. Based on Google reviews of the OST location, it seems that this information has recently become public knowledge. …

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Fiesta #18 The Last of the Neon Kings

Howdy folks, and welcome to Houston Historic Retail. Today we’re taking a look at the last of the neon Fiestas at 8130 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77054. This Fiesta Mart location opened in the 1980s, during a high of our local international store. First, let’s start with a quick history of Fiesta. The concept behind Fiesta Mart was developed by a group of American-businessmen who had experienced shopping at modern Latin American supermarkets and realized the idea would work well in Houston. While international stores have a long history in Houston, Fiesta was the first attempt at taking this sales …

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A History of AMC Theaters in Houston: Part 1 60s-80s

This photo was taken by opening GM Wayne Childers prior to public opening before any movies had been booked

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is Part One of a two-part guest submission from HHR’s local A/V geek, Jason McMillon Recently making news for several unusual business decisions, today we’re looking at the long history of AMC Theatres in Houston. While AMC has closed all of its smaller, older theatres, they continue to thrive as a major exhibitor in the Houston market. Their biggest competitor by screen count in Houston is Cinemark. AMC Theatres recently announced “sight-line” seating in their auditoriums, whereby the closer you are seated to the audio-video “sweet spot” in the center of the auditorium, the more expensive …

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