Retail News: Trader Joe’s Reportedly eyeing Sugar Land Sprouts for new store

Trader Joe’s may soon be “Sprouting” in Sugar Land at University and 59.

A Reddit post yesterday excitedly sparked speculation that Trader Joe’s may be coming to Sugar Land soon. The post cited a notice published in a newspaper for a new Alcoholic Beverage license for Trader Joe’s #430, located at 13550 University Blvd, Sugar Land, TX 77479, a former Sprout’s that closed a little over a year ago. While Trader Joe’s is quite tight-lipped about their store development process, another user in that thread pointed to a remodeling permit for the building, which seeks to shrink the space by 4000 Square Feet. Little is left of the former Sprouts, which removed most everything in the building to sell as part of a larger auction with goods from the other closed stores. As discussed in my analysis of the three closed stores, this location was an odd choice. There are not many specialty grocery options beyond a couple of HEBs and an always-packed Whole Foods at Highway 6. Trader Joe’s will likely be a good fit for Sugar Land. Currently, the only other Trader Joe’s in Fort Bend County is the La Centerra location in Katy.