Retail News: Walgreens temporarily moves Braeswood Square location during remodeling

The Walgreens in Braeswood Square is undergoing remodeling, and has temporarily moved their pharmacy only to a new spot in the shopping center. Walgreens is the only original tenant still left from Braeswood Square’s 1971 grand opening. The store is a bit different now than when it originally opened. Braeswood Square was an early attempt at a “sidewalk mall” by Weingarten Realty. The two anchors in the mall were Weingartens and Walgreens, and the shops in between would be connected by an enclosed sidewalk that was air-conditioned. It was a novel idea for the time and left Walgreens with two entrances, one into the mall and the other out to the parking lot. Over time, the store was remodeled, and the two entrances were combined, leaving this Walgreens with many covered windows and doors along its East side. The temporary pharmacy location also carries a small selection of OTC medicines and basic pharmacy products. According to store staff, the main will reopen as a full-sized location, not a slimmed-down store. The grand opening is set for July 31, 2024.