Spring Break Demolition Report: Included Marble Fixtures

So if this is all included as marble, what’s excluded?

4 Homes and the return of a commercial demolition today on, Houston Historic Retail

This is a list of the buildings which received a City of Houston demolition permit the day before this post.

Commercial Properties
4039 Hare St Houston, TX 77020 – 100’x50′ Lot containing abandoned house, to become Skyline Club

Residential Properties
310 Stablewood Blvd Houston, TX 77024 – Stablewood (Private), Being demo’d by HOA
420 W 30th St Houston, TX 77018 – Garden Oaks, Photos
6227 Lynbrook Dr Houston, TX 77057 – Tanglewood, Ranch home, with huge central garden Photos
506 E 24th St Houston, TX 77008 – Sunset Heights 20s Bungalow? style house, mostly untouched Photos

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