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Demolition Update: Party Boy’s over for 1515 Studemont as 10 and Heights takes over

Preparations are being made to demolish the former Party Boy, party supply store located a 1515 Studemont, on the banks of White Oak Bayou and where it meets I-10. For the better part of the last three decades, Party Boy has been one of Houston’s most prominent party supply warehouse destinations. Those in search of copious amounts of cheap decor, will now have no choice but to turn to Arne’s. Rumors of the property’s redevelopment …

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Demolition Update: Game over for Garden Oaks Family Bingo, and the strange former Kroger it occupied

Howdy folks, and welcome back to a Demolition Update (This is not a full Demolition List, as that is still on hiatus due to lack of time). Today we’re taking a look at what was, up until a few months ago, the premiere Bingo Hall in Garden Oaks. Unfortunately, it seems that this former supermarket is about to meet the fate of a good number of the area’s original homes. Sitting at 641 W Crosstimbers …

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This Week in Demolition: The Final House on this side of River Oaks!

This Week in Demolition, we see the final house on the South side of San Felipe, along with the last Demolition Post, for now at least. Let’s start with the house, which was originally constructed in the late 30s. However, by 1963 it had been converted to commercial use. One of the first tenants was a Bookstore named The Bookman, run by David Dorman. Eventually morphing into an Art Gallery, it was holding general purpose …

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This Week in Demolition: New House, Meet Old House

This Week in Demolition, we find something I’ve never seen before. Meet 9325 Grady Street, a lot containing two homes. One of them is an obvious tear down. It’s in poor shape, and would be a full gutting at the least, likely needing structural reinforcements as it seems to have been sitting for a while. Next to the original house, sits another “house”. Although in reality it looks more like a trailer office on a …

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Photo Source: Assistance League of Houston Google Review (Page since deleted)

This Week in Demolition: Assistance League Buildings on the way out after Thrift Store shuts down

This Week in Demolition, we see the end of a Montrose Area thrifting staple. Based on the final posts made to their Facebook page, the Assistance League of Houston’s thrift store quietly shut their doors this year at the end of August. The Assistance League Thrift Shop at 1902 Commonwealth, was one of Houston’s oldest continuously operating stores, dating to around the 60s. By the 70s, the Thrift Shop had made its way into Montrose, …

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This Week in Demolition: Three more Ranch Styles outta Oak Forest!

When I started doing these demolition reports, I once saw a comment that was along the lines of “I can’t believe they still have any home left to knock down in Oak Forest.” Here we are nearly two years later and Oak Forest has continued to see the most consistent inclusion in demolition reports. This is a list of the buildings which received a City of Houston demolition permit the week before this post. Residential …

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This Week in Demolition: That 70’s Home!

I heard “That 70s Show” is getting another reboot. If they need to do a flash back scene, the crew still has a few days left to get period shots. Oh great, he’s doing “comedy” now…. Well onto the demolitions! Residential Demolitions 11851 Durrette Dr, Houston, TX 77024– Lakeview, Carport Only, 4-Bed 4-Bath, Brady Bunch Special, Photos 921 Highland St, Houston, TX 77009– Woodson Place, 1920s Bungalow, Photo 618 Thornton Rd, Houston, TX 77018– Yale …

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This Week in Demolition: 2 Homes and a Pool, right on Memorial Park

This Week in Demolition, we have two homes, seemingly joined at the hip, with a big pool in the backyard, right across from Memorial Park. This lavish monument to 1990s Houstonian exuberance will soon be demolished for something even more grand. Residential Demolitions 6518 Kury Ln, Houston, TX 77008– Timbergrove Manor, Photos 406 & 412 Crestwood Dr, Houston, TX 77007– Rice Military, Faces Memorial Park, Photos, More Photos 409 Schwartz St, Houston, TX 77020– Barnes …

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Image Source: Google Streetview

This Week in Demolition: Barn Only

Today’s demolition has something special in it. Barn Only, this is a tag that is obviously somewhat special, as I’ve never seen before. The house it applies to is somewhat special as well. 1903 Wycliffe, doesn’t fit in with the rest of the early 60s homes on the block. It’s a beam and pier farmhouse, with a barn to boot! Taking Google Streetview back just a few years, you can even find a matching shed. …

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Photo Credit: Highrise Tower, HAIF

This Week in Demolition: Firehouse Saloon land starts redevelopment and Harris County snipes a few houses along White Oak Bayou

This Week in Demolition, the burnt down, closed down, Firehouse Saloon, is torn down, and info on the low down, shows another gas station for this town! This is a list of the buildings which received a City of Houston demolition permit the week before this post.

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