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This Week in Demolition: Assistance League Buildings on the way out after Thrift Store shuts down

Photo Source: Assistance League of Houston Google Review (Page since deleted)

This Week in Demolition, we see the end of a Montrose Area thrifting staple. Based on the final posts made to their Facebook page, the Assistance League of Houston’s thrift store quietly shut their doors this year at the end of August. The Assistance League Thrift Shop at 1902 Commonwealth, was one of Houston’s oldest continuously operating stores, dating to around the 60s. By the 70s, the Thrift Shop had made its way into Montrose, and by 1992 was in its present location. Despite being limited to a single location, the Assistance League was often praised for their higher quality …

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This Week in Demolition: Three more Ranch Styles outta Oak Forest!

When I started doing these demolition reports, I once saw a comment that was along the lines of “I can’t believe they still have any home left to knock down in Oak Forest.” Here we are nearly two years later and Oak Forest has continued to see the most consistent inclusion in demolition reports. This is a list of the buildings which received a City of Houston demolition permit the week before this post. Residential Demolitions 2510 Dryden Rd, Houston, TX 77030– Wessex, Two-Story 1940s Brick Home, Photos 1535 Hewitt Dr, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest, Updated Ranch, Photos 1214 …

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This Week in Demolition: That 70’s Home!

I heard “That 70s Show” is getting another reboot. If they need to do a flash back scene, the crew still has a few days left to get period shots. Oh great, he’s doing “comedy” now…. Well onto the demolitions! Residential Demolitions 11851 Durrette Dr, Houston, TX 77024– Lakeview, Carport Only, 4-Bed 4-Bath, Brady Bunch Special, Photos 921 Highland St, Houston, TX 77009– Woodson Place, 1920s Bungalow, Photo 618 Thornton Rd, Houston, TX 77018– Yale Street Acres, Previously used as a home and business, Photos 5611 Moss Glenn Ln, Houston, TX 77088– Inwood Forest, Vintage Furniture, and Fixtures from the …

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This Week in Demolition: 2 Homes and a Pool, right on Memorial Park


This Week in Demolition, we have two homes, seemingly joined at the hip, with a big pool in the backyard, right across from Memorial Park. This lavish monument to 1990s Houstonian exuberance will soon be demolished for something even more grand. Residential Demolitions 6518 Kury Ln, Houston, TX 77008– Timbergrove Manor, Photos 406 & 412 Crestwood Dr, Houston, TX 77007– Rice Military, Faces Memorial Park, Photos, More Photos 409 Schwartz St, Houston, TX 77020– Barnes & Westmore, Photos 1734 Hollister St, Houston, TX 77055– Timbercreek, Photos 3602 Billingsley St, Houston, TX 77009– Irvington, Photos 425 W 21st St, Houston, TX …

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This Week in Demolition: Barn Only

Image Source: Google Streetview

Today’s demolition has something special in it. Barn Only, this is a tag that is obviously somewhat special, as I’ve never seen before. The house it applies to is somewhat special as well. 1903 Wycliffe, doesn’t fit in with the rest of the early 60s homes on the block. It’s a beam and pier farmhouse, with a barn to boot! Taking Google Streetview back just a few years, you can even find a matching shed. This week, I tried to figure out where and how this house appeared here, and this is what I found. HCAD lists this house as …

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This Week in Demolition: Firehouse Saloon land starts redevelopment and Harris County snipes a few houses along White Oak Bayou

Photo Credit: Highrise Tower, HAIF

This Week in Demolition, the burnt down, closed down, Firehouse Saloon, is torn down, and info on the low down, shows another gas station for this town! This is a list of the buildings which received a City of Houston demolition permit the week before this post.

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This Week in Demolition: Buffalo Bayou Partnership takes aim at Turkey Bend redevelopment

Good Afternoon HHR readers, this week in demolition we see the start of something big, the Buffalo Bayou Partnership’s redevelopment of the eastern portion of Buffalo Bayou. According to a demolition permit filed by the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, it seems that some preliminary work will occur at the former Turkey Bend Barge Docks. Concept art released in 2019 showed most of the support structures at the dock being left behind, and warehouses transitioned into a “gathering space”. The Turkey Bend project was one of three pieces of the enormous Master Plan to get a jump start thanks to a $10 …

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This Week in Demolition: Old Folks temporarily out of 2100 Memorial, and a few interesting homes

This Week in Demolition, the big story is 2100 Memorial Drive. Originally built as a, Holiday Inn, opening in 1970, the location made it to 1986, before shutting its doors as a hotel. For the next 10 years, the vacant hotel would become an eyesore looming above Buffalo Bayou. While initial plans to convert the space into senior living date all the way back to 1987, plans were delayed for multiple reasons. The City of Houston invested a considerable sum of money early on, expecting to receive federal support for the planned old-folks home. However, these funds never came, and …

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This Week in Demolition: AMC Dunvale falls for new Dunvale Village housing development

This Week in Demolition, we see the end of AMC Megaplex, and the start of a new housing development. The AMC 30 Theaters at 2949 Dunvale Rd, Houston, TX 77063 has an odd history. In 1992, Wal-Mart was looking to expand their presence in inner Houston by building a new side by side Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. The property selected for this new venture was one of the only major vacancies left along Westheimer by the 1990s. The 65 acre tract, which was originally farm land, had been bought up in the 1950s along with most other plots on the …

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This Week in Demolition: Why are somethings demolished without permits?

This was the location of a Boston Market, but will likely become Take 5 Oil Change. Credit to Reader, Jason McMillon

This week in demolition we see a full plate of residential demolitions, and only two non-residential structures… Except that isn’t exactly true, as evidence by the photo below. I’ve been corresponding with a reader who has been keeping me aware of the demolition of a Boston Market on Jones Road, near 1960. I had already been made aware of another project across the street, that I was easily able to pull permits on, so why I saw nothing on this now gone Boston Market was somewhat confusing. Anyone living in Houston is already aware that our borders are confusing. It’s …

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