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The infamous postcard on the wall where stores never opened at the Mall of the Mainland. Nikki's address and hometown is completely made up, but it is interesting to note that 77060 is Greenspoint Mall's Zip code. Perhaps at the time this post card was painted, the Mall of the Mainland did have more worthwhile shopping and entertainment options than Greenspoint Mall. That's not saying much though. I will say that shopping at the Mall of the Mainland was a vacation if you wanted to spend time in a public space and didn't want to see anyone else! It was paradise for those who wanted peace and quiet. (From the Anonymous in Houston retail photo collection)

A Look Back at Houston Retail in January 2014 with Anonymous in Houston’s Photo Collection

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is a guest submission from HHR’s good friend Anonymous in Houston Happy new year, Houston Historic Retail readers! Today’s topic is a bit of a random retail post. Those of you familiar with my guest blog posts here at HHR know that while I enjoy discussing retail history, I am not much of a retail photographer. The wonderful retail photographers out there deserve a lot of credit for their skill in …

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This Week in Demolition: An updated 40s bungalow in Garden Oaks to the chopping block!

One thing I have learned from doing demolition reports, is that some weeks it can be hard to find a demo worth writing anything about. This Week in Demolition, we’re spoiled for choice. Some houses of note this week include second place 12122 Mossycup a 1950s Tudor in Memorial Forest, 2426 Goldsmith a thoroughly ugly but minimally renovated 1940s house South of Rice, and 813 1/2 Columbia a 1920s Garage apartment in the Heights. The …

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This Week In Demolition: A Housing Identity Crisis

Welcome back to This Week in Demolition! This week, we see a dip in residential demolitions, and an increase in commercial tear downs. Let’s start off this week by taking a look at a house that seems to have trouble deciding on what it wants to be. On the outside 11850 Durrette has a very subdued appearance. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the simple white paint, and tasteful modern look of the lawn are …

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