Retail News: Bun B’s Trill Burgers start work on former James Coney Island

Work on transforming the former James Coney Island at Richmond and S. Shepherd into Trill Burgers has begun. JCI closed this location for good in July 2022 after years of sluggish sales. JCI Grill, as they’re now known, has sold off most of its property in the past five years, closing many locations for Cabo Bob’s, leaving some to sit vacantly and others demolished. Overall, JCI has openly admitted that their property is much more valuable than the restaurants on which they currently operate. Such is the vicious cycle that robbed Weingartens and many other local businesses from us. However, with this cycle comes innovation, and the replacement for JCI will be local rapper Bun B’s original concept, Trill Burgers. After debuting in a pop-up fashion in 2021, Trill Burgers has most prominently been featured at the rodeo. Plans have yet to be made public on an expected opening date for the new restaurant or even if the original structure will be used. News of work was first published by @hindesk on Instagram (who if you’re not following, you should)