Retail News: Stafford gains a Target location, and P Terry’s makes Houston promises… again

The new Target will likely be built between the Raising Cane’s and Costco Business Center.

Target has filed permits for a new store in the Stafford mixed-use development, The Grid. Likely to be located next to the present Costco Business Center, the new store will come in around 125,000 Square Feet. This will be an average-size store for Target, about 20k Sq ft less than their new Katy store. For comparison, the Walmart across West Airport Blvd from The Grid is almost 100,000 Square Feet larger, representing one of the competing discount retailer’s largest stores in the Houston area. Target’s signing on to this project seems to validate the initial goal of redeveloping the former Stafford Texas Instruments campus into an upscale district. The Grid was initially pitched as a mixed-use property featuring high-end apartments, retail, entertainment, and restaurants. Costco, and the potential Target location, take the space of a seemingly canceled driving range named Drive Shack.

A P. Terry’s Sign Credit: bruthanick

P Terry’s has once again announced plans to move into the Houston area. The Austin-based burger chain first announced plans to expand to Houston in 2019. Then again in 2021, and finally a third time a few days back. The chain focuses on consistent food, at a low price, with some comparing the style of burgers to In-n-Out. Unlike In-n-Out, chicken sandwiches and a veggie burger are also found on the menu in addition to beef. The company has not provided specific details on where this Houston location will be or when it will open.


  1. I’m sure you already know but Target is going to open a new store at the mixed use 8 story apartments proposed in the Heights. It will straddle between 27th St. and 26th St between N. Shepherd and Durham. Renders were recently released.