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The Barnes & Noble in Town & Country Village

Retail News: Town & Country Village Barnes & Noble to temporarily close for downsizing

The Barnes & Nobles location at 12850 Memorial Dr. Suite 1600, Houston, TX 77024, located in the Town & Country Village Shopping Center, will temporarily close by February 18th to start a remodeling. According to new site plans released for the shopping center, this will shrink the bookstore down by approximately 8,000 Square Feet. The front left corner of the store will be most affected. The Starbucks portion will be split into its own space …

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Seafood City at 15235 Southwest Fwy

Retail News: Houston nets two new Asian grocers on the West Side

99 Ranch Market and Seafood City opened new Houston-area locations last week. Both stores are established specialty Asian grocers based in California, with large followings of loyal fans. While they share many similarities, there are some stark differences between the two chains. 99 Ranch Market is a broad Asian market importing products from many different countries and cultures but mostly focuses on mainland Asia. On the other hand, Seafood City primarily focuses on Filipino products …

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Retail News: Arlan’s Markets purchased by owner of La Michoacana

Rafel Ortega, owner of La Michoacana Meat Market, among other grocery chains,  purchased the 15-store chain last week, according to the Galveston Daily News. Arlan’s was the brainchild of Ames Arlan, who was already a veteran of Cox’s Foodarama when he set out to open his first store in the Seabrook area. For the most part, Arlan’s focused on smaller communities along the South side of the Houston area, taking over when other independent grocers …

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This Joe V's building was originally a Service Merchandise

Retail News: Joe V’s holds Katy Grand Opening

Joe V’s Smart Shop opened its first store since 2018 in Northern Katy last week. This new store marks the start of a new chapter for the discount HEB banner. Joe V’s first hit the Houston market in 2010 and has somewhat filled the void left by the discontinuation of Pantry Foods. Joe V’s has become well known in Houston for generally lower prices than a full-line HEB in exchange for some of the amenities …

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Retail News: Big Lots closing Willowbrook store

Discounter Big Lots has recently announced the close of its 7323 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77070 location. The location represents one of three in a 6-mile stretch of 1960 from Jones Road to Veterans Memorial. The store is the newest of the three, opening in 2011 in a former Toys ‘R Us, which had moved to a larger space adjacent to Willowbrook Mall. According to Big Lots, its recent store closures …

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Retail News: Honey Farms replaces some Exxon Timewise locations

Editor’s Note: Shoutout to HHR Fan and contributor Jason McMillon, who provided the photos and information for this story! The franchised Timewise Exxon locations in Houston are finally starting to don a new name, Honey Farms. The change was not unexpected and was announced after 64 stations were acquired by Global Partners LP a few months ago as part of a larger shakeup of Timewise, which landed the company in the hands of Shell Oil. …

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Retail News: The first Timewise removal appears to be underway

It has been reported to HHR that what is likely one of the first cases of Timewise rebranding is getting underway on the Northwest side of town. The transition is not unexpected and has been openly mentioned since Shell acquired Timewise from local ownership in June 2022. Since Timewise was mainly composed of Shell and Exxon outlets, the company split itself along those lines and sold its 64 Exxon stores to Global Partners earlier this …

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Retail News: Kitchen United Mix closes their Houston Kroger outpost

After about a year and a half of operation, the ghost kitchen inside the N Shepherd & 11th Kroger has called it quits. Kitchen United Mix first announced a partnership with Kroger in 2021, with a location opening in a Los Angeles Ralph’s in early 2022. The Houston location was the first of two in Texas and the first specifically in a Kroger; the second in the state would be in Dallas. Upon opening in …

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Office Depot tries to make it clear that when you shop at OfficeMax, you’re really shopping at an Office Depot.

With the Hedwig Village OfficeMax Closing Soon, We Remember OfficeMax’s Glory Days In Houston

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is a guest submission from HHR’s good friend Anonymous in Houston with the photos taken by Mike Sometimes retail blog posts just don’t go as planned. This is the case with this post. Only a few weeks ago, Mike and I discussed the possibility of us doing a blog post about OfficeMax and Staples’ small presence in the Houston area in current times. Both names are so rare in Houston these …

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Retail News: Whole Foods to close Midtown location

Houston Historic Retail has been informed that the Midtown Whole Foods Market will close by the end of next week. The store, which opened in late 2019, occupies the ground floor of the Pearl Marketplace Apartment tower. The rumor of closure was first spread online and brought to the attention of HHR by a reader. The closing was confirmed by visiting the store and speaking to an employee who confirmed they would close by the …

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