Retail News: IKEA planning new small-format location for Cinco Ranch

A mock-up of the planned South Lake IKEA small format store. Photo Source: IKEA Newsroom

Based on permits filed with the state, and realty details mentioned in Ralph Bivin’s latest RNR Bulletin, Swedish Furniture Retailer, IKEA is working on opening a second location in the Houston area. The new store is to be located in the La Centerra Shopping Center in Katy. Rather than being a full-size showroom and warehouse 200k+ Sqft store, this new location will only clock in at about 5,000 Sqft. While IKEA has yet to publish details about this new store, it’s not a stretch to think that it will turn out much like their planned small format store in South Lake. One big difference, however, will be the store sizes, with the DFW area location coming in nearly double the size of the planned Cinco Ranch store. South Lake will include a Plan and Order Center, next to a Pickup Center. It’s not exactly clear what IKEA plans to bring to La Centerra, but a Plan & Order Center, which would include furniture displays, and product samples, better fits the description of the permits filed.


  1. How do you say “bomb” in Swedish? That’s what this new location is destined to do.

    5,000 square feet? Seriously – a typical Walgreen’s or CVS is 2-3 times as large, and a real IKEA store is about twice the size of a Wally World Supercenter. It will not go over well as it will not even be able to show and sell even a tiny fraction of what IKEA shoppers are used to.

    If people want to shop IKEA without wearing out a pair of shoes, there’s this crazy thing called The Internet.

    1. …Yes, that’s the point. It’s for picking up internet orders without driving another 20 miles each way on I-10.

      I’m guessing they found a huge number of shoppers go online from Katy and decided to save them some gas. Baytown has a pickup center too. Eventually they plan to have hundreds of them, so they are definitely expecting a permanent shift toward online shopping.

    2. Good job missing the point. This is great for people who don’t want to drive 40 minutes both ways to pick up an online order. There’s been so many times I just didn’t buy from because I didn’t want to make the drive