Retail News: Joe V’s holds Katy Grand Opening

An exterior look of the new Joe V’s at Fry and Clay in Katy Photo Source: HEB Newsroom

Joe V’s Smart Shop opened its first store since 2018 in Northern Katy last week. This new store marks the start of a new chapter for the discount HEB banner. Joe V’s first hit the Houston market in 2010 and has somewhat filled the void left by the discontinuation of Pantry Foods. Joe V’s has become well known in Houston for generally lower prices than a full-line HEB in exchange for some of the amenities one might find at a full-line store. While you still won’t find a deli or butcher shop at your local Joe V’s, this newer generation of stores has increased amenities. For example, Sushiya HEB’s contract sushi counter has established a presence in some existing Joe V’s stores, and plans seem to indicate that this will continue with new locations. While you still won’t find a deli, Katy’s new Joe V’s does feature hot grab-and-go items such as rotisserie chicken. The newest location also features an expanded selection of Hispanic cheese, and while not exactly a Cremeria, it’s more than you’d find at most HEBs. With all these new features, there are still some things Joe V’s lacks; for example, there is no pharmacy, and product selection is limited in scope and size. Joe V’s focuses heavily on HEB brand items, with appearances by the rarest of HEB brands, Economax, not being unusual at Joe V’s. Selection is also limited to “basic supermarket” selections. The store does carry some seasonal GM, but outside of HBA and Cleaning Supplies the non-grocery options are very limited. HEB plans to open two new Joe V’s locations in DFW to help bolster its presence there. Although we have yet to see any photos of the North Texas locations, it stands to reason that they will resemble this Katy store.