Retail News: Town & Country Village Barnes & Noble to temporarily close for downsizing

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The Barnes & Nobles location at 12850 Memorial Dr. Suite 1600, Houston, TX 77024, located in the Town & Country Village Shopping Center, will temporarily close by February 18th to start a remodeling. According to new site plans released for the shopping center, this will shrink the bookstore down by approximately 8,000 Square Feet. The front left corner of the store will be most affected. The Starbucks portion will be split into its own space of about 3,500 Sqft, and the remaining 4,500 Sqft will become a separate leased space. While this size reduction might seem like a sign of weakness for B&N, it’s actually part of an ongoing plan to establish the chain’s dominance. Summed up, the plan is to put the focus back on books. New Barnes & Noble prototypes tend to lack a Cafe, most physical media, and collectibles. In addition to books, magazines, and other print media, you will still find vinyl records, along with toys, games, and general knick-knacks. The chain opened 30 of these new prototypes last year, including a brand new location in Richardson. A new Houston location is planned for the Weslayan Plaza Shopping Center just North of West U, which will open sometime in 2024.


  1. Great news about the Weslayan opening. Now can Half Price Books open up in the previous Acme Oyster Bar (Theater) space?

  2. The other remaining location in Houston proper in River Oaks had a renovation a couple years ago.