Grocery Options may have left the Target on Eldridge

During my recent blog post about the Super Target downgrade in Missouri City, I realized that another Super Target may have fared a similar fate. Looking back through my photos, I found some of the Super Target at Eldridge and Westheimer during construction. I wasn’t paying a great deal of attention at the time, but looking back at them now, I believe the grocery section may have been shrunk.

My reasoning behind this lies partly in the full renovation that kicked fresh grocery out of its home, and behind the cash registers. Secondly, the website now resembles the Missouri City one in terms of departments, deleting Expanded Grocery, Bakery, and Deli. I’ll have to make a trip back to confirm but my suspicions are relatively strong.

What actually got my attention was the fact that the stores sign had been removed. From facebook commenters outside of Houston it seems like this may be the plan for all Super Targets.
The produce and refrigerated section of the store had been moved into the entrance/walkway area behind the dollar section. Grocery was completely walled off. At this point produce was being sold by the piece instead of by weight. Most P-Fresh Targets use this method too.
Glass Case Fridges lined a wall built to seperate the temporary grocery section from produce. You can see one of the self-checkouts to the right showing how little space was actually given to grocery.
Each Fridge had a blank top. Some had writing on them, some did not. You can tell that these were likely brought along from other stores as the writing had been erased and rewritten many times.
The reasoning for these temporary coolers would be the need to store perishable items while the in store coolers are likely being moved to the front.
I’m relatively sure that the product selection will/has decreased if a downgrade did take place. Even still, a tremendous amount of perishables were kept compared to produce.

This Super Target was one of the few Hypermarket style stores left in the area. This brings the count down to the Walmart on Kirkwood and the one on Highway 6. Hopefully limited product selection will not cause too many issues, but it is a bit sad. As when I lived in the area this Target was always a good place to get just about anything you needed.


  1. I live in Texas but nowhere near Houston everytime Target remodels they always remove the sign this store got remodeled before my Super Target but my store left their grocery options but has the ‘target’ logo instead of of the ‘SUPER TARGET’ logo so no it’s not the plan for all SuperTargets

    1. This was published early on, prior to Target doing lots of this type of remodeling. It’s now evident that the idea of “One Target” that they used in 2017 to drop the City Target, and Target Express names expanded to Super. Even though back then they said they had no plans to drop the Super Target name. The scale down here did end up being permanent unfortunately. This Super Target was one of the only grocery options in the area.