Retail News: Gordon Food Stores starts making some real progress!

This future GFS at Westheimer and Dairy Ashford was built for Petco but was most recently occupied by Goodwill.

Gordon Food Service, a wholesale distributor and operator of GFS Retail Outlets, have yet to make any official announcement on their entry into Houston. Although it is quite apparent that their intent is open as quickly as possible. The story behind GFS, first broke here on HHR back in April when initial permits were initially filed by the company. Progress, however, was slow, with construction sites sitting mostly dormant, as behind the scenes, Gordon worked on lining up more sites. As of this article, there are six prospective locations, throughout the Houston area, in various states of completion.

While details of when Houston’s first GFS locations will open is scant, progress is currently being made on hiring managerial positions. Based on eyewitness reports, it seems that the Leauge City store may be the first to open, possibly sometime prior to the end of 2022. While in-store positions have yet to be posted, the building does seem to be a bit further along, based on submitted photos. Have a story or photos you’d like to share? Reach out to HHR via Email, Social Media, or anonymously!