Retail News: Let the Tim Bits flow, Tim Horton’s in Katy finally holds soft-opening

The Tim Hortons at 21817 Clay Rd, Katy, TX 77449, the weekend prior to its grand opening

Howdy folks, and welcome to Houston Historic Retail. Thanks to readers in Katy for keeping HHR abreast of the Katy Coffee Wars and its latest chapter as Tim Hortons has finally opened its first Texas location. The soft-opening took place yesterday, Monday, August 29th, and according to Google Reviews, a full grand opening is planned for September 9th. Canucks may notice two oddities about our Tim Horton’s location. First, our store features the ‘United States Menu,’ which has very limited food options. Featuring only three breakfast sandwiches, omelet bites, and a focus on baked goods, in addition to a slightly expanded drink menu. The second oddity is the choice of the use of the nickname ‘Tim’s’ as opposed to ‘Timmie’s’, which has gained such notable use in Canada that most Americans can make the connection. It is possible that there was fear that Timmy’s may be associated with another quick-service joint! It wouldn’t be the first time there has been such confusion, either! Timmie’s, or Tim’s still has two other locations under construction in town.