Retail News: Krispy Kreme Closes Katy Location

This Krispy Kreme was always an odd location as it was built as a strip center. It was also the newest location in Houston.

In our second doughnut-related news piece in a row, Krispy Kreme closed their Katy location sometime last week. The store, which was at 1815 Mason Rd, Katy, TX 77450, is part of a larger retreat of the company from Houston. The chain returned to Houston in 2015 after a rogue franchisee lost their license in the early 2000s. The comeback has been marred with issues from unfinished stores to running the locations through multiple operators. In 2020 for unknown reasons, corporate took over operations of the remaining Texas franchisee. Earlier this year, four locations, 2 in Dallas and 2 in Houston, were closed under the guise of a national program to rework their distribution model. The reason for closing the Katy location has not been disclosed, but the store had likely received increased competition from Houston’s first Tim Horton’s. At the time of publication, the Pearland and Humble Krispy Kreme locations are the only two remaining in the Houston area. While most readers have no issue with this, in fact preferring Shipley’s, some of us will miss the hot light.


  1. Aaaaauuuugggghhh drove to KK Katy location to discover no longer in operation. What a disappointment !! And then to learn other locations closed too. KK doughnuts are amazing. KK corporate folks please resolve any issues and return to Houston.

  2. They need to put at least one Krispy Kreme donuts 🍩 back here in Houston or katy.we need at least one.give us a break.

  3. This was so upsetting, I live in Pasadena, TX and eat thrilled to have one! Lines out to the street for drive-thru but 2 battles were year… 1) People love their local donut chains here (people would tell me KK was too sweet; have you tasted a Shipley donut??!!)…. 2) the owners hired it unhappy and incompetent people constantly… Service was horrible a lot of the time. It was sad and kept people away. The franchisee owners thought these places would ruin themselves? KK corpirate obviously doesn’t know how to train and support franchise owners of their stores. You go into good KK stores elsewhere they’re handing out free donuts in line, running to help people, smiling, and are successful. Why not here?!

  4. I’m from NC; home of Krispy Kreme. I went to the humble location about a year or so ago to taste the fresh, warm and soft doughnuts. However to my disappointment, it tasted nothing like what I was used to in NC. I never went back and I can assume many others haven’t gone to Krispy Kreme after lackluster visits.