Retail News: Honey Farms replaces some Exxon Timewise locations

Editor’s Note: Shoutout to HHR Fan and contributor Jason McMillon, who provided the photos and information for this story!

The franchised Timewise Exxon locations in Houston are finally starting to don a new name, Honey Farms. The change was not unexpected and was announced after 64 stations were acquired by Global Partners LP a few months ago as part of a larger shakeup of Timewise, which landed the company in the hands of Shell Oil. The Honey Farms brand was another acquisition by Global Partners, and before the conversion of these Houston stores, the chain operated about 30 locations around Worcester, MA. Like their Texas Counterparts, the New England stores are a patchwork of newer and older, bigger and smaller stores. One difference between the chains is that some stores operate without gas pumps in the Northeast.

Global Partners operates C-Stores under five major banners. Honey Farms, which was acquired in 2017, is likely the more flexible of their brands. The Exxon locations are largely former company-owned stores and a few rebuilt Landmark-era Timewise stores. Some of On the Run era locations are set up for food service, and with Global Partners All Town brands providing food service, it’s not impossible that we may see these areas of the stores reactivated. For now, though, the stores I inspected and various HHR readers are limited to mostly cosmetic renovations.


  1. I usually get my gas at the Timewise Exxon on the Gulf Fwy at Wayside. The reason being they have a standing price war with the Walmart Murphy Oil station across the street. That plus using the Exxon gas credit card with .10 cent discount per gallon. Cheapest gas inside the loop, even cheaper than the Costco gas station on Richmond Ave.

  2. Hopefully the Honey Farms Exxons continue to maintain their gas pumps as Timewise did and does not move to cash-only pricing. The majority of the ExxonMobil stations in my area are operated by either Timewise/Honey Farms or 7-Eleven and the 7-Eleven stations are run quite poorly. It is not uncommon for several pumps to not work and it seems the pay at the pump machines at 7-Eleven stations never have receipt paper. I suspect this is to force people to go into the C-store, but the C-stores seem understaffed so maybe it isn’t a ploy to create for C-store sales. Either way, with 7-Eleven’s general incompetence, these Timewise/Honey Farms stations are the better option if they maintain their level of quality.