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Retail News: Honey Farms replaces some Exxon Timewise locations

Editor’s Note: Shoutout to HHR Fan and contributor Jason McMillon, who provided the photos and information for this story! The franchised Timewise Exxon locations in Houston are finally starting to don a new name, Honey Farms. The change was not unexpected and was announced after 64 stations were acquired by Global Partners LP a few months ago as part of a larger shakeup of Timewise, which landed the company in the hands of Shell Oil. …

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Retail News: The first Timewise removal appears to be underway

It has been reported to HHR that what is likely one of the first cases of Timewise rebranding is getting underway on the Northwest side of town. The transition is not unexpected and has been openly mentioned since Shell acquired Timewise from local ownership in June 2022. Since Timewise was mainly composed of Shell and Exxon outlets, the company split itself along those lines and sold its 64 Exxon stores to Global Partners earlier this …

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A closer look at the facade over the entryway. The banner promoting pickup showed up within the last 6 months... as has the availability of grocery pickup itself.

Krogertsons – It’s My Store!

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is a guest submission from HHR’s good friend BillyTheSkink Unassumingly Stands a neighborhood pillar The first Krogertsons I did not think much of this store when I first moved to West Houston in the early 2010s.  Kroger HO-735, perhaps better known as the Dairy Ashford and Briar Forest Kroger, sits about as quietly as a grocery store can in busy West Houston.  While situated at a high traffic intersection, the store …

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The homegrown history and future of Timewise

Howdy folks, and welcome back to Houston Historic Retail. Today, we’re checking in with Houston’s most prominent homegrown C-Store chain, Timewise. Just over a year ago, Shell Oil Co. completed its purchase of Landmark Industries (the parent of Timewise). Since the acquisition, there have been plans to sell off 64 locations, which seem to be bound by contract to sell Exxon fuel. New England-based Global Partners announced their plans to pick up these stores a …

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Baby Buc-ee’s Another Taxonomy for Texas finest C-Stores

Howdy folks, and welcome to Houston Historic Retail! Today we’re looking at a “Baby Beaver Buc-ee’s.” The Buc-ee’s Taxonomy splits the classification of stores by size and actually doesn’t originate on HHR. Most people who know Buc-ee’s know them for their massive travel center stores, which have gone nationwide in the past few years. However, this isn’t how Buc-ee’s got their start. Readers closer to the Gulf Coast, may remember the earliest incarnations of Buc-ee’s …

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Return to Krogerstons Express, aka Kwik Stop’s lost cousin!

Howdy folks, and welcome back to Houston Historic Retail! Today we’re taking a look at a Krogerstons Express! For those unaware, a Krogerstons, is a Kroger in a former Albertsons, which we have plenty of in the Houston area. While Albertsons did re-enter some former store spaces when purchasing Safeway (including Randall’s), they stand to reenter a large number of former stores depending on the outcome of their planned merger. When Albertsons exited Houston in …

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Retail News: Biglari is back! – The return of Steak N Shake to Houston

The great fast food hamburger debate has so many sides: loyal Texans stumping for local Whataburger, west coast transplants singing the virtues of interloping In-N-Out, those squares who like Wendy’s.  These sides have their merits, but I found my favorite fast food burger to be the midwestern-style steakburger, smashed flat with crispy edges, the cheese melted into the thin patty so completely that the two are practically an alloy.  Specifically (and with apologies to Kansas-based …

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The gas prices here were pretty cheap compared to other stations on 6

Retail News: The gas station in an ex-Walgreens near West Oaks Mall, finally opens! Welcome Now & Forever Plus

Well, folks, the day has finally come. The former Walgreens at Westheimer and Highway 6 has reopened. This will mark the building’s first permanent retail tenant since closing as a pharmacy around 2017. Now and Forever also marks the return of a gas station to this intersection. Before the most recent expansion of Highway 6, every corner of the intersection, except the mall, hosted a gas station. This gas station, however, aims to be a …

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A gas pump in front of a Walgreens.. huh

Now & Taking Forever, who’s behind the new Walgreen’s Gas Station on Highway 6?

Update 7/17/22: Over 2 weeks later, I realized that a draft version of this was published, well the full thing is here now! Anyone whose driven near West Oaks Mall recently has probably seen the work being done to a former Walgreens building at the corner of Westheimer and Highway 6. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you may have seen the building before. We checked it out in 2019 as a …

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All the old signage has been removed, there was a large Bucky's logo on the tower

Final “non-Beaver” Bucky’s disappears from Houston after Star Stop purchase

Howdy folks, and welcome back to Houston Historic Retail. Today, we have some surprising news. The Bucky’s Express Gas Stations Houston’s locations have finally crumbled. This should not provide a huge shock to anyone who follows C-Store news, as Bucky’s was purchased by competitor Casey’s just over a year ago. Initially, it seemed the plan moving forward was to convert the locations into Casey’s stores. It would make sense, as Casey’s is now the third-largest …

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