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First off, welcome back loyal reader(s)! I’m sure there’s gotta be at least two of you. Sorry for the delay in updates, but I’ve been extremely busy lately. During my recent hiatus I continued to take photos, and I’m only …

Checking out a former Cici’s Pizza in the shell of an old Burger King. Read More »

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Well after an impromptu hiatus I am glad to say I’m back. The post I’m bringing you this time is not picture based, but rather text based. Sometimes when researching things, you go off on a tangent. Most of the …

Houston’s vegetarian friendly restaurants from 1995 Read More »

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This week’s post is a bit late. However, it’s unique! It’s a collection of Random Retail Photos, I have taken over the summer. I’ll try to provide a bit of background for each photo, but there’s no overall theme. Let …

Random Retail Photos Read More »

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Laredo Taco Company, is a fast food concept owned by Stripes Convenience Stores. In 2015, Stripes was acquired by Sunoco. Some experimentation was undertaken by Sunoco to help improve their convenience store operations. Outside of Stripes switching to Sunoco brand …

Laredo Taco Company Greensburg, PA Read More »

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While researching the history of a never opened Houston Eckerd’s Location I stumbled upon a few unsusal Eckerd’s buildings these images were mostly hosted on architectural design websites and risk eventual removal. They have been re-posted here to help preserve …

A Collection of Unusual Eckerd Deisgns Read More »

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Prior to Toys ‘R Us closing I took a day to drive to the locations closest to me and grab a few pictures.

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Cornerstore was originally founded as a Subsidiary of Valero Corporately owned gas stations, as a brand to operate their C-Stores under. Eventually Cornerstore would be spun out on their own, and later purchased by Circle-K. Due to the long history …

Phillip’s 66 Cornerstore Read More »

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Quick Post, to share what I found. A map of the original Micro Center location! While not a high-res image, it should help to kick-start a few memories. This is an earlier map from the late 90’s. It includes things …

Micro Center Map Read More »

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