This Week in Demolition: Three more Ranch Styles outta Oak Forest!

When I started doing these demolition reports, I once saw a comment that was along the lines of “I can’t believe they still have any home left to knock down in Oak Forest.” Here we are nearly two years later and Oak Forest has continued to see the most consistent inclusion in demolition reports.

One of the “Ranch Style” homes. What do you mean 2000 was over 20 years ago, and the reno looks dated? 1308 Wakefield

This is a list of the buildings which received a City of Houston demolition permit the week before this post.

Residential Demolitions
2510 Dryden Rd, Houston, TX 77030– Wessex, Two-Story 1940s Brick Home, Photos
1535 Hewitt Dr, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest, Updated Ranch, Photos
1214 Timbergrove Ln, Houston, TX 77008– Oak Forest, Updated Ranch, Photos
1308 Wakefield Dr, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest, Another updated Ranch, Photos
7805 Swiftwater Ln, Houston, TX 77075– Kim’s Tract, Photos
1103 Stude St, Houston, TX 77007– Usener, Studemont and White Oak Bayou, Photos
506 Redan St, Houston, TX 77009– Clays, Photos
736 E 6 1/2 St, Houston, TX 77007– Stude, “Bungalow”, Photos
2005 De Soto St, Houston, TX 77091– Highland Heights Annex, Abandoned, Photos
8165 Bonner Dr, Houston, TX 77017– Allendale, Photos

Non-Residential Demolitions
5834 Bellfort Ave, Houston, TX 77033– Former Campus of Greater New Start Church, Photos
3002 Holman St, Houston, TX 77004– Abandoned building, Seems to have been part of Riverside Hospital at one point, Photos