This Week in Demolition: Barn Only

Today’s demolition has something special in it. Barn Only, this is a tag that is obviously somewhat special, as I’ve never seen before. The house it applies to is somewhat special as well. 1903 Wycliffe, doesn’t fit in with the rest of the early 60s homes on the block. It’s a beam and pier farmhouse, with a barn to boot! Taking Google Streetview back just a few years, you can even find a matching shed. This week, I tried to figure out where and how this house appeared here, and this is what I found. HCAD lists this house as being “built” in 1987, but I’m pretty sure this is wrong. My first clue was that the lot was left vacant as all the others on the block were filled in, and at some point in the 70s the barn, and what was likely the current house appeared. Searching online records for sales documents, etc. I was able to find a listing for this house and the property next door from 1986. HCAD confirmed that they were both owned by the same person, or more specifically their estate, by that point. Its pure guesswork from me, but I’m thinking these structures were moved to the property, and never properly declared with HCAD until they split the properties to sell. Lots of other pieces of interest throughout this week’s demolition report!

Image Source: Google Streetview

808 Woodrow St, Houston, TX 77006– Roseland, 100+ Year old Home, Photos 
601 Cordell St, Houston, TX 77009– Brooke Smith, Photos
3450 Seabrook St, Houston, TX 77021– South Union, Photos
2523 Stanmore Dr, Houston, TX 77019– River Oaks, Photos
6609 Corbin St, Houston, TX 77055– Westview Terrace, Photos
3106 Delano St, Houston, TX 77004– Holman Outlet, Photos
6139 Sugar Hill Dr, Houston, TX 77057– Briargrove, Photos
1321 Caywood Ln, Houston, TX 77055– Shadyvilla Annex, Photos
7426 McKinney St, Houston, TX 77011– East Park, Building Only (Not Foundation), Photo
216 W 30th St, Houston, TX 77018– Garden Oaks, Photo
8931 Turriff St, Houston, TX 77055– Springwood, Photos
1726 Woodcrest Dr, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest, Photos
5035 Jackwood St, Houston, TX 77096– Meyerland, Photos
1332 W Bell St, Houston, TX 77019– Rosemont, 1930s Apartments, Photos
3309 Campbell St, Houston, TX 77026– Chapman
1510 Zora St, Houston, TX 77055– Westview Terrace
775 Dillard St, Houston, TX 77091– Stuebner Airline
12215 Kimberley Ln, Houston, TX 77024– Memorial Hollow
3408 Hardy St, Houston, TX 77009– Ryon
824 W 25th St, Houston, TX 77008– Oak Forest
2002 Pasadena St, Houston, TX 77023– Forest Hill
7304 Knox St, Houston, TX 77088– Acres Homes
620 E 25th St, Houston, TX 77008– Sunset Heights
5302 Kingsbury St, Houston, TX 77021– Macgregor Palms
748 Millville Dr, Houston, TX 77091– Melrose Gardens
1903 Wycliffe Dr, Houston, TX 77043– Wrenwood, Barn Only

2029 Harold St, Houston, TX 77098– Former Jehovah’s Witness Congregation
2625 Bennington St, Houston, TX 77093– Custom Rubber Products
13300 Northwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77040– Former Independent Shell Station, Permit filed by Timewise
3245 Telephone Rd, Houston, TX 77023– Former Coast to Coast Motors. Originally Shamrock Mobile Homes
824 W 25th St, Houston, TX 77008- Former C&D Scrap Metal Heights Complex, Permit Filed by City of Houston Departments of Neighborhoods
2204 Pannell St Houston, TX 77026– Formerly the Thomas and Thomas Cafe, has been a residence for multiple years though.

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  1. A quick look at suggests that the barn was built in the early 1980s. It’s pretty fuzzy – see what you think.