This Week in Demolition: The Final House on this side of River Oaks!

This Week in Demolition, we see the final house on the South side of San Felipe, along with the last Demolition Post, for now at least. Let’s start with the house, which was originally constructed in the late 30s. However, by 1963 it had been converted to commercial use. One of the first tenants was a Bookstore named The Bookman, run by David Dorman. Eventually morphing into an Art Gallery, it was holding general purpose “junk sales” by the 1970s. However, by the 1990s the house had been converted back into purely residential use. The house was not the only residential lot on the block with a neighbor that was torn down around 2012 for the tower, which although shown as under construction in this photo, has been complete for over 5 years now.  As for the Demolition Reports, as with every other job the lack of labor has gotten to me, and my work requirements have increased. So until things calm down there, I can’t devote the time it takes to even create these abbreviated demolition reports, along with two retail posts per week. Hopefully in the future this can continue.

2243 San Felipe Photo Source:

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