This Week in Demolition: 2 Homes and a Pool, right on Memorial Park

This Week in Demolition, we have two homes, seemingly joined at the hip, with a big pool in the backyard, right across from Memorial Park. This lavish monument to 1990s Houstonian exuberance will soon be demolished for something even more grand.

406 & 412 Crestwood Drive, Photo Source:

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  1. The two homes next to Memorial park are gone, just loading out the scrap. I took a pic of them today while on my ride.

  2. All 4 of the homes west of the intersection of Hawthorne and Stanford are in really bad shape so I’m not surprised 808 Hawthorne is getting demoed. Looks like one of the 4 has had some workers trying to repair it but it’s been slow going. I live a few blocks away so I see them all the time.