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A Computer City brand floppy diskette on the left and a CompUSA floppy drive driver disc on the right (From Anonymous in Houston's computer collection)

Vintage Ads: Two Metroplex Retailers, CompUSA and Computer City, Were Briefly the Most Exciting Computer Stores in Houston During the 1990s

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is a guest submission from HHR’s good friend Anonymous in Houston Vintage Ads posts here at HHR are a way to visually look at retail history during a brief period of time. In my last Vintage Ads post last summer, I discussed the introduction of audio Compact Discs and CD players to Houston’s retail scene in 1983. Today’s Vintage Ads post will also be about electronics retailing, but the focus of …

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Micro Center Map

Quick Post, to share what I found. A map of the original Micro Center location! While not a high-res image, it should help to kick-start a few memories. This is an earlier map from the late 90’s. It includes things which were removed and closed off, such as the separate gaming store, and training rooms.

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