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Here is a closer look at the Kroger logo in the vestibule. It may or may not be obvious from this sign, but the natural wood looking sign is a ‘sign’ that this store is carrying a décor package which contains elements initially designed for an organic grocery concept.

Pearland’s Kroger Has an Unexpected History of Innovation

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is a guest submission from HHR’s good friend Anonymous in Houston with the photos taken by Mike Now that we’re well into The Year of Kroger series here at Houston Historic Retail, there are two categories which describe most of the stores we’ve featured so far in The Year of Kroger. One category of stores are those which had new or rare features such as the Kroger Signature stores we featured …

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Retail News: Axiom Space to redevelop former Fry’s in Webster property and an NYC Chain chooses Pearland for their next location

Howdy folks and today we’ve got news! A former Fry’s Electronics space in Webster seems to be living up to its design scheme as a future part of the space race. On the same side of town, an NYC-based Korean Corn Dog chain is making its debut outside the Big Apple, in our Little Pear. Fry’s Electronics in Webster is being built out by Axiom Space In a move that no one could have directly …

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Towards the end of their stay here most Safeways had adopted the pylon look as seen in Pearland

A former Safeway with a split personality

When a grocery store closes, it’s not unusual for the space to be subdivided. Over the course of the 20th century, supermarkets became larger and larger, aiming for a broader range. Today’s example is a former Safeway located at 2028 N Main St in Pearland. Holding their grand opening November 11, 1979, the new Safeway was one of Houston’s earliest purpose built superstore locations. The breadth of items available was everything you’d find in a …

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The Katy location opened in 2010 and was the second in Houston.

Steak ‘n Shake leaves Houston and Taco Bueno Arrives

Happy Fourth of July! To celebrate lets check out two chains both on their second run in Houston. Steak ‘n Shake returned to Houston in 2008 with their Eldridge and 1960 location. With the Katy, Pearland, and Webster locations opening 2012-2013. The previous incarnation of Steak n Shake dated from the mid-1970s and would only last until 1978. While I was never able to find an exact reason for them leaving Houston, it seems that …

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