Retail News: Axiom Space to redevelop former Fry’s in Webster property and an NYC Chain chooses Pearland for their next location

Howdy folks and today we’ve got news! A former Fry’s Electronics space in Webster seems to be living up to its design scheme as a future part of the space race. On the same side of town, an NYC-based Korean Corn Dog chain is making its debut outside the Big Apple, in our Little Pear.

Fry’s Electronics in Webster is being built out by Axiom Space

A 2020 Photo shortly before the demise of Fry’s showing the faux space station connected to an actual planned but canceled NASA ship

In a move that no one could have directly predicted, the former Space Station-themed Fry’s Electronics in Webster appears to be part of a new development related to Private Space Station builder, Axiom Space. The private space exploration company which is based out of Houston holds notoriety for launching a recent private mission to the International Space Station. Presently, NASA has contracted the company to begin construction on new modules for the International Space Station. However, the firm’s ultimate goal at the present is to construct a private space station, and it seems that this former Fry’s might just be where these dreams begin. While no official statement has been released on the use of the space, permits have been filed for a build-out of the shell inside. It seems likely that this space will at least partially find a use as office space to support the company’s existing facilities near Johnson Space Center.

Ugly Donuts & Corn Dogs makes plans for Pearland Town Center

New Korean Street Food vendor, Ugly Donuts & Corn Dogs is planning its first location outside of NYC for Pearland Town Center. The quick-service restaurant’s menu mainly focuses on Korean Corn Dogs and “Donuts”. Both are made with rice flour giving the dough a crispy yet chewy texture. The Corn Dogs are served with a variety of less traditional but still appealing toppings and filling. Including the Pizza Ugdog, which drops the hot dog for a hunk of mozzarella covered in tomato sauce, basil pesto, garlic powder, and parsley. The Donut side of the menu features a traditional Korean dessert reimagined closer to a cruller than a donut, featuring both sweet and savory varieties. While Ugly Donuts may have a bit more notoriety thanks to its NYC roots, they’re not the only Korean Corn Dog game in town, with options like Two Hands Corn Dogs, serving similar fare in H-Town for the past few years. After reaching out to Ugly Donuts & Corn Dogs, they told HHR that a May grand opening was expected, but could not disclose where the store would be in Pearland Town Center.


  1. Awesome development at the old Fry’s location. I still need to post my 2021 video visits to Fry’s locations after they closed. This store is included.

  2. Very nice. I loved that Fry’s as a kid. Hopefully they keep the decor and we could still be able go inside.

    I will always miss the place. My very Mexican parents were starstruck the very first time we walked into the store in 2008. They treated it like a tourist attraction and would take all of my other family that visited to take photos. My dad bought me my first Chinese iPhone there (before Amazon) for about $80. I loaded that bad boy up with Aerosmith.

    1. I’m unsure of the actual status of the decor. My understanding is that everything in these buildings was auctioned off. While I know for sure the remaining stock was put up for sale, I’m not so sure about the decor with the nature of how integral it was to this store. You’re right about it being a tourist attraction, taking folks from out of town into the behemoth of Fry’s was always an attraction!