Que mas is CVS y más? | What more is CVS y mas?

If you’re at all like me then you’re a person who pays attention to the city’s “signscape”. A littered mess of stylish corporate identities mixed side by side with generic bold letter text. Many signs around Houston are in foreign languages, you can easily find them in Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, and most often Spanish. An interesting addition to our signscape is CVS y más. Literally it means CVS and more, and the differences aren’t just sign deep. The stores are designed to cater to Hispanic clientele offering an extended product selection, advertising and signage in Spanish, and bilingual staff. The idea originated in 2015 in the Miami market featuring a purpose-built location. The store in Miami was catered towards the large Cuban population. In addition to featuring bilingual staff, and an expanded selection of Cuban and Hispanic products Miami’s CVS y más also serves Cafecito (Cuban afternoon coffee). The concept was deemed a success and was expanded to other cities like Los Angeles, finally reaching Houston in 2018.

Today we’re visiting the CVS y más at 10222 East Freeway in Jacinto City. It opened in October 2018 along with the other Houston stores. Unlike the Miami stores the Houston stores were not targeted to any specific group outside of Hispanic clientele. As well the Houston stores were all converted from existing mainline CVS locations and did not feature much in the way of decor changes or extras. In terms of feeling, the store is only somewhat different from a standard CVS. While there are extra products, bilingual signage, and updated decor it’s still a CVS at its core. If you’ve been to a CVS in Houston you’ve probably a store pretty much like this, as they do a decent job at targeting their product selection. Everything you’d expect in a CVS in there, and the prices are just as marked up as you’d expect. So what more is a CVS and more? Nada mucho.

As of 2020 there are 7 CVS y más location throughout the Houston area according to https://www.cvs.com/content/ymas.