This Week in Demolition: A quasi-Cape Cod Colonial, and not much else!

Apologies for the delayed demolition report, command post & HQ for Houston Historic Retail, moved over the weekend! Nothing fascinating today, due to the obviously short list. Expect a Permit Roundup, later this week on HHR!

Can you really consider this Cape Cod without a heavily pitched roof, Colonial is even pushing it with those wimpy door posts. Photo Source:

Residential Demolitions
12626 Vindon Dr, Houston, TX 77024– Fonn Villas, Photos
5429 Judalon Ln, Houston, TX 77056– Larchmont, Photos
3822 Olympia Dr, Houston, TX 77019– River Oaks, Photos
2438 McClendon St, Houston, TX 77030– Brantwood, Photos
1715 Monarch Oaks St, Houston, TX 77055– Monarch Oaks, Photos
149 Bolden St, Houston, TX 77029– Clinton Park
4041 Ella Lee Ln, Houston, TX 77027– Oak Estates
8321 Carver Rd, Houston, TX 77088– Harvest Heights Annex
14018 White Heather Dr, Houston, TX 77045– Southglen
3615 McIlhenny St, Houston, TX 77004– Leland Park
8122 Sandra St, Houston, TX 77016– Trinity Gardens
2905 Delano St, Houston, TX 77004– Holman Outlot
3703 1/2 Audubon Pl #3714, Houston, TX 77006– Montrose
7622 Carothers St, Houston, TX 77028– Weyburn Place
3105 Hastings St, Houston, TX 77017– Park Place

Non-Residential Demolitions
6100 Main St #549, Houston, TX 77005– Rice University Media Center, part of ongoing renovations
4402 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77022– Most recently Northline Dental Center
1239 N Durham Dr, Houston, TX 77008– Cardenas Auto Sales, Originally a house
1630 W 21st St, Houston, TX 77008– Slab from former commercial building
1513 Monarch Oaks St, Houston, TX 77055– Monarch Oaks