Retail News: Bojangles in Richmond may have stalled out

The future Bojangles at 19230 W Bellfort, Richmond, TX 77407

Bojangles made big news last year when it finally looked like they would fulfill a years-long promise to return to Houston. To the majority who don’t remember Bojangle’s first go in Texas, it only lasted about a year from late 1983 to 1985 and made it to less than 15 locations before folding at the end of 1985. While the first go around didn’t leave much legacy beyond some empty restaurants, the desire in Texas for Bojangles seems to be growing. The company wants to open many locations in Texas over the next few years, and just before announcing their Houston plans, a location opened in Dallas, giving some serious legs to these expansion plans. However, after months of construction, which started in August of 2023, work on the new Bojangles has either stalled out or is moving at a snail’s pace. The owners, or at least the manager of the Google Maps profile, slated an opening date of April 27, which came and went. The location is now listed on Google, but a visit in late May showed no significant progress on the restaurant. It’s unclear what the hold-up is at this point, but it seems likely that we’ll see P. Terry’s open before Bojangles


  1. Its just moving at a snails pace. Just drove by there and they have made some progress compared to your picture.

  2. NOO! This can’t be! I need my Bojangles!

    I still feel bad I suggested you go out there btw lol