This Week in Demolition: Flames lit under Candelari’s 1940s house

This week in demolition, things slow down a bit. Some interesting houses include 2532 Reba which is objectively the best-looking house of the week. The location in Avalon Place really ties the place together, although the house is a bit small by modern standards (those fish-eye lenses aren’t fooling anyone!). Next on the list is 12507 Woodthorpe which is a relatively unremarkable 60s Ranch with a primo location in the middle of Memorial Meadows. Finally, an honorable mention goes out to 2824 Isabella which looks like somebodies first attempt at building a house in The Sims.

The title story of the week is the demolition permit issued for the former Candelari’s Pizzeria on Washington Ave. The building itself has an interesting start as a single-family home in the 1940s. It seems to have entered into commercial use by the 1960s. With its use mostly bouncing around to different restaurants including Van’s Cafe, Lolita’s Mexican Restaurant, and of course Candelari’s Pizzeria. The property is owned by neighboring 6010 Washington (The two-story shopping center next door where Spec’s was). I have not been able to find what replacement plans are underway for the lot, but it will likely be designed to align with the existing shopping center.

Canderlari’s closed this location in 2019 and the building has sat vacant ever since.

This is a list of the buildings which received a City of Houston demolition permit the week before this post.

Residential Structures
2532 Reba Dr, Houston, TX 77019– Avalon Place, 1940 Traditional Two Story, Photos
8470 Sonneville Dr, Houston, TX 77080– Langwood, 1955 Ranch Style, Photos
7929 Sandra St, Houston, TX 77016– Triangle Gardens, 40s Shotgun, Failed renovation, Photos
2824 Isabella St, Houston, TX 77004– Third Ward, 1940s Two Story, Photos
12507 Woodthorpe Ln, Houston, TX 77024– Memorial Meadows, 1960s Ranch Style, Photos
620 E 23rd St, Houston, TX 77008– Sunset Heights, Was sold for lot, Photos
3406 Wichita St, Houston, TX 77004– Southwood, 1940s 2-Story Cottage
8733 Fairbend St, Houston, TX 77055– Timber Creek, 1950s Ranch Style
910 & 912 W Drew St, Houston, TX 77006– Montrose, Two side by side Bungalows, Replaced by townhomes, Renderings
1329 Chantilly Ln, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest Addition, 1950s Ranch
2145 Jean St, Houston, TX 77023– Telephone Road Place, Garage Only
6605 Saxet St, Houston, TX 77055– Westview Terrace
820 E 37th St, Houston, TX 77022– Independence Heights, 1940s Cottage also used as business
8501 Alsuma St, Houston, TX 77029– Groveland Terrace
4526 Dewberry St, Houston, TX 77021– Macgregor Terrace
1218 Autrey St, Houston, TX 77006– Turner NP, 1930s Apartment, Garage Only
4109 Hirsch Rd, Houston, TX 77026– Crane Street Gardens
3802 Dreyfus St, Houston, TX 77021– Southlawn
4410 Tavenor Ln, Houston, TX 77047– Cloverland
3131 Dragonwick Dr, Houston, TX 77045– Glen Iris
9911 Porto Rico Rd, Houston, TX 77041– Carverdale, “Megahouse”
7409 Bywood St, Houston, TX 77028– Houston Gardens
1406 Cheshire Ln, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest, New Oak Homes, Renderings
1733 Du Barry Ln, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest, New Oak Homes, Renderings
5043 Wigton Dr, Houston, TX 77096– Meyerland, 1950s Ranch Style
13202 Chiswick Rd, Houston, TX 77047– Canterbury Village
3412 Webster St, Houston, TX 77004– Prairie Home
622 Maple Way, Houston, TX 77015– Home Owned Estates, Abandoned for many years

Commercial Structures
1018 Herkimer St, Houston, TX 77008– Heights, Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Sanctuary was rebuilt in 2012. Original 1940s structure is to be demo’d.
6002 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007– Candelari’s Pizzeria, Holcombe location still operating