This Week in Demolition: Etta’s Lounge meets its end, and an address on the NRHP

Welcome back loyal reader, This Week in Demolition we see the loss of one of a popular former club with a long history, along with a few interesting residential addresses. Let’s start of with Etta’s Lounge, the building has a unique history as one of Houston’s first 7-Eleven locations. Opening around the end of 1952 or early 53, it was operating only a few months after the first 7-Eleven had come to town. These early locations were small but packed with a variety of products they often served as a “neighborhood market” in a world where convenience store wasn’t yet a known term. After a string of robberies the store was sold to U-Tote-M in the early 60s who dealt with the same issues for another 10 years before finally shutting it down. The building would mostly sit vacant for the next 10 years, until a small restaurant opened sometime around 1980. The restaurant was named Etta’s Lounge, and served a “traditional Southern fare” including Brisket, Fried Fish, and Ribs. The restaurant also included a bar and the establishment soon became a favorite of many within the 3rd Ward area, by the mid1980s the spot had become known for live music and their “open ’till we close” policy. The music of choice was Soul and R&B with the 3rd Ward supplying plenty of local talent to this venue in a former convenience store. Some of the artists who performed at Etta’s include local legends Grady Gaines, Big Robert SmithJerry Lightfoot, the club would also occasionally host touring acts like The Untouchables. Etta’s was known not just for its incredible music, but the fact that their kitchen stayed open all night, and with a $1 cover patrons could BYOB well past serving hours. It was not unusual to end up eating ribs at 2 AM listening to some of the best soul and R&B Texas had to offer. Sadly, by the late 90s the Soul and R&B club scene had all but dissolved within Houston. However, Etta’s would manage to solider on at least into the 2000s as a restaurant and bar. Serving the same soul food menu they had become famous for before the music.

In terms of residential demolitions this week we have some fascinating houses to take a look at! Let’s start off with 7111 Schiller a house that is quite literally joined at the driveway to their neighbor. Most shots try to block this out, but take a look at the first few photos and you’ll see what I mean. Next we have 4646 Devon which from the outside looks like a mostly typical 1950s Afton Oaks Ranch Home, save for what appears to be a second story addition. On the inside you’ll see in fact that this an updated open concept home and the second story is likely in fact original! Finally, lets look at 2910 Lazy Lane in the heart of River Oaks, you know this is going to be an expensive one. Let me start off by saying the demolition permit issued is not for the entire home but rather the “Spa Only”. The house cannot be demolished as it is actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places as it was the personal home of prominent Mod Architect Hugo Victor Neuhaus. Considered to be a prime example of Mod architecture Neuhau’s home has been updated slightly over the years but still retains most of its original features, and all the original shaping and layout. With what will likely end up being the impending demolition of the River Oaks theater, it does spark the discussion if we can preserve the house of an architect why can’t we preserve historic commercial buildings? The answer is, we can! We just can’t wait until the last minute to act.

Residential Buildings
2910 Lazy Ln Blvd, Houston, TX 77019– River Oaks, Miesian Mansion, House on NRHP, Spa Only, Photos
7111 Schiller St, Houston, TX 77055– Pine Terrace, 1950s, Very modern updates including great looking gravel driveway, Photos
3514 Grennoch Ln, Houston, TX 77025– Braes Oakes, 1950s Ranch, Photos
4646 Devon St, Houston, TX 77027-Afton Oaks, 1950s Ranch with second story addition, Photos
4642 Ingersoll St, Houston, TX 77027– Afton Oaks, 1950s Ranch, Photo
3504 Suffolk Dr, Houston, TX 77027- Lynn Park, 1950s Ranch backups up to railroad, Photos
3209 McCulloch Cir, Houston, TX 77056– Lamar Terrace, 1950s Ranch, Photos
3234 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098– River Oaks, Original 1940s Brick House, Fenced in as property fronts Westheimer, Photos
10310 Chesterfield Dr, Houston, TX 77051– Sunnyside, Photos
1242 W 30th St, Houston, TX 77018– Shepherd Forest, Updated 50s Home, Photos
9842 Porto Rico Rd, Houston, TX 77041– Carverdale, Sold for lot value only, Photos
3207 S Braeswood Blvd, Houston, TX 77025– Braes Terrace, Flooded sold for lot only, Photos
8637 Antelope Dr, Houston, TX 77063– Blossom Heights, Photos
89 Fichter St, Houston, TX 77022– Elmwood, Seems to be gutted, Photos
401 Goldenrod St, Houston, TX 77009– Glen Park, Abandoned Meth Shack, Backs up to Bayou and Cemetery, Photos
1305 Lawson St, Houston, TX 77023– Greater Eastwood, Garage Apartment Only, Photos
107 Northwood St, Houston, TX 77009– Bradley Acres, 1920s Bungalow, Garage Only, Photos
1402 Caplin St, Houston, TX 77022– Lindale, Garage Only, Photos
1604 Goliad St, Houston, TX 77007– Greater Heights, 1930s Shotgun Shack, Photos
2120 Rice Boulevard, Houston, TX 77005– Southhampton Place, 1930s Mansion, Garage Only
5525 Bunte St, Houston, TX 77026– Kashmere Gardens, It’s gotta be somewhere back there!
2430 Albans Rd, Houston, TX 77005– West Houston
1314 Zora St, Houston, TX 77055– Westview Terrace
7225 Boggess Rd, Houston, TX 77016– Scenic Woods
4062 Durness Way, Houston, TX 77025– Ayrshire
7014 Hoffman St, Houston, TX 77028– Trinity Gardens
8021 Record St, Houston, TX 77028– Clairmont Place
6625 Avenue P, Houston, TX 77011– Magnolia Park
3126 Beran Dr, Houston, TX 77045– Willow Glen
1602 Hawthorne St, Houston, TX 77006– Mandell Place, 1920s 2-story
1086 St Clair St, Houston, TX 77088– Lincoln City
7143 Miley St, Houston, TX 77028– Homstead
7933 Ritz St, Houston, TX 77028– Settegast
5311 Newkirk Ln, Houston, TX 77021-Macgregor Place
8602 Othello St, Houston, TX 77029– Pleasantville
9301 Meldrum Ln, Houston, TX 77075– Easthaven
4054 Durness Way, Houston, TX 77025– Ayrshire
19609 Dunbar Ave, Humble, TX 77338– Humble Heights
7050 Inwood Park Dr, Houston, TX 77088– Inwood Heights, Condo, Unit not listed
513 Frisco St, Houston, TX 77022– Belt Junction City
714 W 21st St, Houston, TX 77008– Heights, 30s Bungalow, Bad shape
7437 Avenue K, Houston, TX 77011– Magnolia Park
4619 Dunnam Rd, Porter, TX 77365– Porter

Non-Residential Buildings
1001 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042– Montrose and Westheimer Shopping Center
5120 Scott St, Houston, TX 77004– Eta Lounge, 1950s 7-Eleven, Listing
3115 & 3117 D’Amico St, Houston, TX 77019– Bavarian Machine Specialists (BMW Repair Shop)