This Week in Demolition: The Sixth Christian Scientist Church, and Grandma’s House

Welcome back loyal reader, to another edition of This Week in Demolition! This week, we have quite a few points of interest to observe. Let us begin with the Sixth Church of Christ Scientist which is located at 2202 Elgin, on a corner lot directly across from Emancipation Park. The church was constructed in 1941 by the first recognized congregation of African American Christian Scientists in Texas. The house of worship was in operation until 2005 when only a few members of the congregation remained. In 2017 Harris County dedicated a memorial plaque recognizing the building’s history. While many have come together to recognize the building as being significant it does not have much protection from demolition. As quoted from a Preservation Houston article last year “[The church] stands  amid new townhouse developments and faces twin threats of deterioration and demolition.” Well it seems that unfortunately the worst case scenario has come to light, and the owner has decided to demolish the structure.

Moving on to a lighter subject, lets take at grandma’s house. No I don’t mean my grandmother, your grandma’s house, or what might as well be a stand in for it. Located at 5815 Bayou Glen this Neo-Classical Ranch was built in 1958. I call it grandma’s house because it resembles the houses of many grandmothers I knew growing up. Including to some extent my own. While it’s not a carbon copy, all the elements are the to help you figure out that this was an old folks home. After you’ve taken what was hopefully a stroll down memory lane, also check out 2224 North Boulevard, a slightly updated 1940s cottage, along with 2512 Norhill a 1920s Duplex in the Heights, and finally 9906 Balmforth Lane, another Harvey flooded property coming on the market after vacancy.

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This is a list of the buildings which received a City of Houston demolition permit the week before this post.

Residential Demolitions
5815 Bayou Glen Rd, Houston, TX 77057– Tanglewood, 1958 Untouched, Photos
4926 Dumfries Dr, Houston, TX 77096– Meyerland, 1958 Ranch, Photos
9906 Balmforth Ln, Houston, TX 77096– Meyerland, 1960s Ranch, Harvey Flooded, Photos
2224 North Blvd, Houston, TX 77098– Chevy Chase, 1940s Cottage, Photos
801 Martin St, Houston, TX 77018– Lowell Heights, 1950s Ranch, Photos
2512 Norhill Blvd, Houston, TX 77009– Norhill, 1920s Duplex with Garage Apartment, Photos
5109 Allen St, Houston, TX 77007– Brunner, 1910s Bungalow, Photos
3918 Jeanetta St, Houston, TX 77063– Jenetta Gardens, Being used as a rental, Photos
3825 Jeanetta St, Houston, TX 77063– Jenetta, Photos
4513 Redbud St, Houston, TX 77051– Sunnyside Court, Photos
2411 McDuffie St, Houston, TX 77019– Plainview, Photos
903 Lehman St, Houston, TX 77018– SW Allen, Photos
7437 Laura Koppe Rd, Houston, TX 77028– Clairmont Place
6500 Avenue H, Houston, TX 77011– Central Park Magnolia Park
4018 Dumbarton St, Houston, TX 77025– Ayrshire
5311 Evella St, Houston, TX 77026– Fairgounds Park
818 Redan St, Houston, TX 77009– Woodlands Heights Annex, Garage Apartment Only
1121 Key St, Houston, TX 77009– North Norhill, 1920s 1 Story Bungalow, Garage Only
1258 Hopper Rd, Houston, TX 77037– Melrose Park
8247 Wier Dr, Houston, TX 77017– Meadowbrook
5305 Antha St, Houston, TX 77016– North Shadydale
1030 E 23rd St, Houston, TX 77009– Sunset Heights
12632 Adelia Ct, Houston, TX 77015– Woodland Acres Annex
6330 Los Angeles St, Houston, TX 77026– Florida Gardens
1511 Laurentide St, Houston, TX 77029– Pleasentville
4500 Kashmere St, Houston, TX 77026– Kashmere Gardens Extension
5203 Cherry St, Houston, TX 77026– City Gardens
4318 Goulburn Dr, Houston, TX 77045– Dumbarton Oaks
7710 Duncan St, Houston, TX 77093– Griffin Courts
4002 Stassen St, Houston, TX 77051– Sunnyside Courts
114 Estelle St, Houston, TX 77003– Brady Place
3425 Sunbeam St, Houston, TX 77051– Scottcrest
10918 Panay Dr, Houston, TX 77048– Crestmont Park
7033 Avenue N, Houston, TX 77011– Magnolia Park, 30s Bungalow
7031 Avenue N, Houston, TX 77011– Magnolia Park, 30s Bungalow
4903 Lucille St, Houston, TX 77026– Ballard Gardens
4754 Angleton St, Houston, TX 77033– Chocolate Bayou Estates

Non-Residential Demolitions
2202 Elgin St, Houston, TX 77004Formerly Sixth Christian Scientist Church, most recently a paving company
1620 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, TX 77058University Green Apartments Only Building #8, possible Winter storm damage based off of online reports
813 McKee St, Houston, TX 77002– Vacant Warehouse, To become warehouse apartments


  1. How could it be demolished when preserved by the historical society? Weird to have a historical plaque up with modern townhomes and not a trace of the original building.

  2. 813 McKee St. – They already took down the middle of the block, a metal clad warehouse. I talked with one of the workers and he said everything is coming down except for the Black Bodegas on the southwest corner. Urban Genesis is the developer.