Permit Roundup: Another 7-Eleven, Another Village Medical, and Victoria’s Secret Memorial City Mall gets a makeover

Howdy folks, prepare for a short Permit Roundup this week, while we do have a good cross-section of retail represented, this was a slow week for permitting in the city, likely somewhat due to the uncertainty of Hurricane Ida. So let’s keep our thoughts with our neighbors to the East this morning and throughout the coming weeks.

Let’s start off with the good stuff, Walgreens at 2221 Fulton appears to be starting on an earlier announced Village Medical location. The permits filed are for demolition on interior walls, and were filed for “2221-A” while the name Village Medical doesn’t appear in permits, the location was part of Walgreen’s expansion announcement earlier this year. Another new chain location popping up is a 7-Eleven planned for 9450 Blackhawk BlvdWhile I’m having trouble finding the exact location, it seems it might be the NW corner of Fuqua and Blackhawk. Another new entry into Houston is Clarkwood Winebar planned for 3201 Allen Parkway, while little has been published online so far, it seems that Clarkwood is at least a few months into the works. Finally, the Victoria’s Secret in Memorial City Mall is up for a remodel, according to permits filed this week. Well, that’s about it, see I told you it was a short one this week!


The Walgreens at Fulton and Quitman. Source: Google Streetview


  1. My favorite thing this week is that there is a KFC/Taco Bell at 9011 W Sam Houston Parkway North. There is construction right next door at 9145 W Sam Houston Parkway North and the permit posted says that they’re building a Taco Bell right next to the KFC/Taco Bell.

  2. Victoria’s Secret at Memorial City moved temporarily to the former Disney Store space about a month ago while their (much larger than the old Disney Store) space was getting prepped for renovation. There’s a dichotomy for you…