Retail News: Ollie’s Bargain Outlet starts to emerge in Friendswood

With a new coat of paint and the plaster building blocks removed from the facade, the only tell-tale Babie ‘R Us remnants are the cart corrals which will likely remain.

Deep Discounter, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet first laid its eyes on the Texas market in 2018 with the opening of a distribution center. The next few years saw Ollie’s popping up mostly in former Toys ‘R Us locations throughout the country, a few in Texas. By early 2021, the retailer had already opened a branch in Clute and was starting work on their first location in Houston. The Jones Road Ollie’s would open in November of last year to a warm, somewhat quiet reception. The new store is receiving a bit more attention thanks to its prominent location in a former Babies ‘R Us, which most recently held a Dick’s Sporting Goods Outlet concept. Ollie’s has yet to provide a grand opening date for its Friendswood location, but it would be reasonable to expect that it opens in around the same time frame as the Jones Road store, so likely August or September.

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  1. Excited. I live 5 minutes away.

    The only problem is that complicated entrance into Kohls. It’s a whole tight turn labyrinth trying to get back out to 45, to which I eventually give up and drive all the way around and exit through Walmart. Haha