Retail News: Home Goods come to HEB in Houston

HEB’s new Home by H-E-B lines have started to roll out at Houston stores. Back over 30 years ago, when HEB decided to try and brave the Houston grocery market, the company knew it had to differentiate itself to survive in this overcrowded market. Now, in 2022 the company is again breaking new ground with a selection of Home Goods in their grocery stores. HEB’s first Houston stores were under the guise of their Pantry Foods banner, with selections cut back to the bare minimum of what could be considered a Supermarket. Three decades later, the San Antonio-based chain had proven such a threat that they are no longer directly competing with other grocery chains. Instead, HEB’s closest competition comes from Walmart and Target. The new Home Goods on offer are, in my opinion, a step above the quality of those offered at Walmart and Target. Being more comparable to the aptly named Home Goods. Selections include items that had originally been seasonally stocked, such as candles, throw pillows and smaller pieces of wall decor. However, the concept is expanded upon, including full-size rugs, chairs, mirrors, and other larger pieces of furniture.