This Week In Demolition: A Housing Identity Crisis

Welcome back to This Week in Demolition! This week, we see a dip in residential demolitions, and an increase in commercial tear downs. Let’s start off this week by taking a look at a house that seems to have trouble deciding on what it wants to be. On the outside 11850 Durrette has a very subdued appearance. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the simple white paint, and tasteful modern look of the lawn are kept on the inside as well. Once inside your first indication that you’re getting into something else is the Spanish Hacienda tile floor while nothing else in the house screams Hacienda, it’s not too unusual to see this flooring in Houston. Making your way into the living room you encounter the Contractor Grade Carpet Island, also notice the “cathedral” ceilings with visible beams, and for some reason a barbers chair is also in the room. Heading towards the kitchen have a look at the backless benches used for seating around the dining table. Inside of the kitchen we have what is either an exposed finished beam, or a conduit for the cook top on the island at this point I’d be willing to believe either. Heading towards the bedrooms we find what looks like a custom built bed frame in the first room, and the second featuring opposing daybeds. There seems to be no shortage of mattresses in this house. The master bath interestingly features a tub with built in towel storage, and a shower with permanently open door and window. With all the renovation that had been done on this house over the years, it really seems like the property was having an identity crisis.

If you squint hard enough this house can be anything you want it to be! Photo Source:

This is a list of the buildings which received a City of Houston demolition permit the week before this post.

Residential Structures:
1915 University Blvd, Houston, TX 77030– Southgate, 1938 Apartment Building, Property Listing, Photos
743 Apache St, Houston, TX 77022– Stratton Place
4362 Faculty Ln, Houston, TX 77004– University Oaks, 1940s two story, Photos
1015 Niagara St, Houston, TX 77051– Brookhaven, Soundproof fence due to Freeway
1058 Lehman St, Houston, TX 77018– Candlelight Plaza
12521 Terrance St, Houston, TX 77085– Fondren Gardens
1518 Thornton Rd, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest, Photos
3910 Tolnay St, Houston, TX 77021– Scott Terrace
628 Pecore St, Houston, TX 77009– Woodland Heights Annex, 1925 Craftsman Style Home, Thankfully Garage only
1434 Thornton Rd, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest, New home by Aegis Development, Rendering
1218 Chippendale Rd, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest, New home by Tyra Properties, Photos
739 Azaleadell Dr, Houston, TX 77018– Garden Oaks, 1950s Ranch Style, Photos
5571 Candlewood Dr, Houston, TX 77056– Tanglewood, Photos
13521 Lew Briggs Rd, Houston, TX 77047– Allison Richey, Photo
207 E 37th St, Houston, TX 77018– Independence Heights
11850 Durrette Dr, Houston, TX 77024– Lakeview, 1978 Photos
4405 Greeley St, Houston, TX 77006– Fitze Homestead, 1920s Bungalow
8342 Barkley St, Houston, TX 77017– Meadowbrook
519 Coolwood Dr, Houston, TX 77013– Wood Bayou, New home by Burghli Homes
1705 Gardenia Dr, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest Addition
2719 Sadler St, Houston, TX 77093– Berry
3762 Drummond St, Houston, TX 77025– Braes Heights, Photos

Commercial Structures:
2204 Austin St, Houston, TX 77002– Midtown, Deccan Development new owner, Originally a used car lot, now Midtown Bail Bonds
9277 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77063– H2O Sports Bar, Closed after fire in September 2020, Photos
5614 Canal St, Houston, TX 77011– Fullerton Place, Most recently a used car lot, Photos
401 W Donovan St, Houston, TX 77091– Independence Heights, Formerly residential most recently L&S Small World Academy (Daycare)


  1. 401 W Donovan St, Houston, TX 77091– Independence Heights, Formerly residential most recently L&S Small World Academy (Daycare)

    The road is too small for the townhomes they will build here. The builder has bought the three available lots and now this is number four. It’s larger and deeper.