The Unusual History of the Brazos River Bridges

I was recently able to collaborate with Youtuber Scott Dailey who has made some interesting and unique videos around the Houston area. We made a trip out to Simonton where an old San Antonio and Aranssas Pass bridge still stands, providing a connection to a railroad which was abandoned nearly 20 years ago. I was able to provide some history, and got some footage using my drone.

The bridge, and rail line were purchased in 1992 by Metro with plans for commuter rail.


  1. METRO may have purchased it in 1992, but this (further east to Houston) was replaced by the Westpark Tollway, and the rails weren’t removed until 2001 (and I’m sure there was some local access into the 1990s). A more interesting feature of this line was two viaducts, one of which a private driveway goes under.