This Week in Demolition: It’s all about location

It’s 2018, you’re a property investor with a dream, of getting in on that sweet Second Ward redevelopment. At this point, some new building has occurred in the area, especially with new bars popping up. Although the area lacks a distinctive style, so you hedge your bets by building what could easily pass as, and may have been an early 20th century home on piers. So why tear it down in 2021? It’s all about location.

4501 Garrow St. Photo Source:

This is a list of the buildings which received a City of Houston demolition permit the week before this post.

Residential Demolitions
4501 Garrow St, Houston, TX 77011– Oak Lawn, 2018 Build, Photos
11911 S Durrette Dr, Houston, TX 77024– Lakeview, 50s Colonial Ranch, Photos
626 Merrill St, Houston, TX 77009– Willborg, 30s? Craftsman, Garage Only, Photos
1212 Mcneil St, Houston, TX 77009– Ryon, Bungalow, Photos
3719 Linkwood Dr, Houston, TX 77025– Linkwood, 50s Ranch, Harvey Flooded, Photos
8318 Glenview Dr, Houston, TX 77017– Meadowbrook, 50s, Photos
3230 Westridge St, Houston, TX 77025– Westridge, 50s Poor Condition, Photos
8314 Barkley St, Houston, TX 77017– Meadowbrook, 40s, Photos
7026 Avenue N, Houston, TX 77011– Magnolia Park, Duplex with 7040, Already Under Contract, Renderings/Listing
7040 Avenue N, Houston, TX 77011– Magnolia Park, Duplex with 7026, Renderings/Listing
1218 W 24th St, Houston, TX 77008– Shady Acres, Photos
7510 Schiller St, Houston, TX 77055– Pine Terrace, Photos
5206 Sherman St, Houston, TX 77011– Lenox Grove, Photos
5210 Sherman St, Houston, TX 77011– Lenox Grove, Photos
204 Goldenrod St, Houston, TX 77009– Glen Park
707 E 23rd St, Houston, TX 77008– Sunset Heights, Garage Only
5219 Schuler St, Houston, TX 77007– Moy Studer
502 Welch St, Houston, TX 77006– Weston
1638 Gardenia Dr, Houston, TX 77018– Oak Forest
4130 Glenshire Dr, Houston, TX 77025– Woodshire
10103 Jethro St, Houston, TX 77033– Sunnyside, 2019 Shotgun Shack
6618 Wharton St, Houston, TX 77055– Westview Terrace
3151 Roe Dr, Houston, TX 77087- Roe
5234 Fairgreen Ln, Houston, TX 77048– Crestmont Park
12515 Tammarack Dr, Houston, TX 77013– Tammarack Woods
1718 Parana Dr, Houston, TX 77080– Pine Village
7045 Peyton St, Houston, TX 77028– Wesley Place
7949 Safebuy St, Houston, TX 77028– Liberty Manor

Non-Residential Demolitions

1737 N Loop W, Houston, TX 77008– Brookhollow Heights Transitional Care
3600 Brinkman St, Houston, TX 77018– St. Rose of Lima Catholic School, Buildings 3,4.7, & 8